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Top 3 moments when Dr DisRespect broke character on stream

  • Dr DisRespect has been extremely consistent and dedicated with maintaining character while on stream.
  • He is known for sometimes breaking character, and show moments of tenderness and sometimes anger.
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Jun 2020, 12:57 IST
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Dr DisRespect is simply one of the most entertaining and well-developed online personas in the gaming community. His pro-wrestling inspired character has been a huge hit among the fans, and his mullet wig and iconic mustache have become really popular on the internet.

Dr DisRespect has been streaming actively since 2015, and rose to fame on Twitch. His character work is second to none, and his gimmick being 'the most ruthless competitor in the history of video gaming' endears him to the fans.

He is prone to bursts of anger, and maintains an aggressive streak throughout his streams. But Dr DisRespect, AKA the Two-Time, AKA The Doctor, has been known to break character from time to time, occasionally.

These are the Top 3 Moments of Dr DisRespect breaking character while on stream.

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Top 3 moments of Dr DisRespect breaking character during stream

3) Chat reaction has Dr DisRespect almost cracking up

There is no room for comedy and humour in Dr DisRespect's ruthless and competitive nature. Here, the Doctor can't help but almost break character and let out a chuckle.


He can be seen struggling with trying to maintain his aggressive character and not give into laughter after a fan donates $5 with a hilarious Chat reaction on Twitch.

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2) Dr DisRespect almost crying while playing with fan

The most 'ruthless competitor in video game history' had a rare tender moment that was extremely heartfelt. The fan did not know that he was actually playing with Dr DisRespect himself, and expressed his love for the Doctor.

Dr DisRespect was visibly seen getting overwhelmed with emotion and going away from the camera in a rare show of emotion. It was extremely heartwarming to see the Doctor having a tender moment with his fans.

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1) Ending his stream due to his house being shot at

This was an extremely unnerving moments for everyone that had tuned in to the stream. Dr DisRespect heard what sounded like shots and got up to investigate. He promptly came back in front of the camera, but with his wig and glasses off.

This was one one of the rare times that Dr DisRespect had completely dropped character, but given the gravity of the situation, it was understandable.

He explained on the stream that his house had been shot at (supposedly with BB guns), for the second time in a row. This time, they had broken the window on the floor above.

Dr DisRespect was explicably angry and shaken and promptly ended his stream.

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Published 30 Jun 2020, 12:57 IST
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