Top 4 Indian PUBG Teams of all time

Team Soul is one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in India
Team Soul is one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in India
Rahul Arora
Modified 30 May 2020

In March 2017, PUBG Mobile was released in India, and since then it has taken gaming in the country to another level.

Since the arrival of PUBG, previously successful games such as Counter-Strike and Dota-2, have not been played as much as before. PUBG Mobile has been a significant success in India due to mainstream media attraction along with easy access as almost everyone has access to a smartphone.

Some of the best Indian PUBG players like Mortal, Scout, to name a few, have millions of subscribers on their Youtube channels and are watched all around the world. Even Amazon Prime featured some of these players like 8bit thug and Mortal to promote one of their web series.

The game that took the country by storm
The game that took the country by storm

In the last two years, some PUBG teams have performed exceptionally well, and have won laurels globally. On that note, let us have a look at the four best PUBG Mobile teams in India.

Four-best PUBG Mobile teams in India:


Fnatic Current Roster
Fnatic Current Roster

Fnatic, previously known as Team X, contains some of the most promising and experienced PUBG Mobile players in their roster.

Its roster contains players who have played for different teams before. Fnatic features two ex soul members in Ronak and Owais, along with Scout from Team IND and Ash from 8-bit.

Arguably, the most skilled Indian PUBG Mobile team, Fnatic initially struggled before they won the PUBG Mobile All-Stars last year and since then they have been a consistent team. They finished eighth in the Peacemaker Elite Championship, which was the highest position attained by any Indian team in the competition.

As per latest news, Fnatic has decided to revamp their entire squad after PMPL. The new roster would try to finish in the top-5 in PMPL South Asia under the supervision of their coach, Auram.

Current Roster:

ScOutOP- Assaulter

Ronak- Sniper, Support

Owais- IGL

Paritosh- Assaulter

Ash- Assaulter, Support

Franky- Sniper, Assaulter.

#3 Team IND

Initial IND Roster
Initial IND Roster

Team IND has a vast experience in PUBG Mobile in both the national and international stage.

A part of Insidious Esports organisation, it has been one of the most consistent PUBG Mobile teams since its inception. Some of the best PUBG players in Scout, Daljeet and Kratos have played for this team.

In the last six months, IND was under a transition. The addition of Slayer and Snax has been one of the best roster changes in the team in recent times. It has performed with various lineups globally.

Team IND performed quite well in the recently concluded Scrims and are one of the favourites to win PMPL 2020 South Asia. Their IGL, Kratos, is one of the best in the PUBG Mobile and with him leading the team, it makes IND a team to beat.

Team IND were the runner up in PMCO Spring India 2019 and finished fifth in PMCO FALL South Asia.

Current Roster:

Kratos- IGL

Trance- Assaulter

Slayer- Filter

Snax- Sniper

Lucifer- Assaulter.


Entity Gaming
Entity Gaming

One of the most successful Indian teams in the PUBG Mobile franchise, Entity Gaming, previously known as Entity Esports, recently partnered with TSM and have been known as 'TSM Entity' since.

They were India's best performing PUBG Mobile teams in 2019 and were also the champions in PMCO Fall South Asia. In PMCO Fall Final, they finished fifth, which was the highest finish by an Indian team in the competition.

In Jonathon and Neyoo, TSM Entity have two of the best assaulters. The team is ably led by Ghatak, who is known for his tactical nous.

Clutchgod and Zgod, the other members of the team, are equally effective and together TSM Entity is now South Asia's best PUBG Mobile team. They are mainly renowned for their aggressive game-play and close-range fights.

Their performance in the PMCO South Asia was incredible. TSM Entity, therefore, are the favourites to win the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020.

Current Roster:

Ghatak- Supporter

Neyoo- Entry Fragger, Assaulter

Jonathon- Assaulter

ZGOD- Supporter

ClutchGod- IGL.


 True "SOUL" of the Indian PUBG Mobile scene.
 True "SOUL" of the Indian PUBG Mobile scene.

By far the most loved PUBG Mobile teams in India, team SOUL has performed consistently over the past two years.

It is lead by the most popular Indian PUBG player, Mortal. The team was initially formed to compete in DreamHack Mumbai in 2018.

Soul has won every national tournament in the last two years, though Team SOUL still lack a global trophy. Their initial squad of Mortal, Viper, Owais and Ronak have been the most consistent Indian PUBG Mobile teams of all time.

After Owais and Ronak left for Fnatic, Aman joined Soul from Entity Gaming. Recently Sangwan was inducted into the SOUL lineup along with Regaltos. SOUL's game-play is rated very highly.

The team prefers taking good positions rather than initial fights. Mortal in the last two years has surprised everyone with his unique game-play and ability to hold the fort till the end.

Soul as a team won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Championship along with PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split.

Current Roster:

Viper- Supporter, Attacker

Mortal- Attacker

Regaltos- IGL, Attacker

Aman- Middle Man, IGL

Sangwan- IGL, Assaulter.

Published 30 May 2020
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