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Top 5 COD: Warzone hacking moments caught live

(Image Credit: GameRant)
(Image Credit: GameRant)
Brandon Moore
Modified 07 Sep 2020, 23:23 IST
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COD: Warzone is one of the best iterations of COD ever produced. When Call of Duty introduced a battle royale mode in the form of Black Ops 4's Blackout, players were skeptical. Blackout did well for itself, but the true masterpiece came when COD: Warzone was released. It has easily, and rather quickly, become one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.

With every competitive game, however, cheaters seem to be aplenty. COD: Warzone is no exception to that. In fact, it seems that hackers overrun COD: Warzone more than any other battle royale game. Sometimes, it is fairly obvious when a player is using hacks. Other times, it is down right blatantly shown on stream.

5 hackers caught live on COD: Warzone

#5 – DrDisrespect meets hacker in tournament

DrDisrespect has run into hackers several times while playing COD: Warzone. This time, he was playing in a major Warzone tournament. Doc and company approach the accused cheater and his team. Doc exits the vehicle and is immediately mowed down.

His team gets wiped and he decides to spectate the player that eliminated him. It takes a moment, but the other player rushes through some smokes, locks on to other opponents with insane aim, and perhaps even shoots one through a wall. Once that took place on DrDisrespect's stream, everyone was pretty certain this player was using cheats of some kind.


#4 – Nickmercs spectates whole team of hackers

This is another instance of the cheats not actually appearing on stream, but it is so blatant. Nickmercs gets killed by an expected hacker. He and his squad decide to spectate that player. As the player rounds a corner, it is apparent they knew the enemy player was approaching through the wall.

He then unloads some shots into the enemy, finishing him off. What happens next is what makes the cheating so obvious. The player's aim immediately shifts to another player who is extremely far away, connecting some shots before he runs out of bullets. The aim continues to be ridiculous as they keep spectating.

#3 - Tommey exposes cheater

Call of Duty professional and Dallas Empire member Tommey was participating in a 2v2 COD: Warzone tournament. The accused cheater had his facecam moved to watch just his playing monitor. Tommey enters his stream to view what is happening and the player opens up a well-known application for hacks. The cheater stated it was fake and he did it as a joke, but the tournament organizers called him out on it. He was banned from the tournament as a result.

#2 – MrGolds shows his cheats on stream

A popular Twitch streamer named MrGolds showed his entire stream that he is a cheater. MrGolds went on a rant about how good his recoil handling is. That was his reason as to why he is so good at COD: Warzone.

While he was giving this speech about his skills, his cheat application was wide open on his stream. No one in his chat seemed to mention it at first, but eventually it hit Twitter. This exposure lead to his Twitch channel being banned.

#1 – Swagg watches hacker's stream

This one is absolutely ridiculous. The hacker's Twitch name and stream layout literally read “AimBot.” During Swagg's stream, several members of his community were informing him of the streaming hacker. Swagg decided to check out the streamer's page.

His chat members were right. “AimBot” was streaming COD: Warzone live with his in-game hacks available for the world to see. Enemy players were outlined through walls and the environment and the player's aim was impeccable. Shortly after, his Twitch channel disappeared to no one's surprise. 

Published 07 Sep 2020, 23:23 IST
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