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Call of Duty Twitch streamer who was caught cheating on livestream apologizes, but takes it down shortly after

The infamous Twitch cheater, MrGolds released an apology video, but deleted it soon after. (Image Credits: YouTube)
The infamous Twitch cheater, MrGolds released an apology video, but deleted it soon after. (Image Credits: YouTube)
Modified 31 Aug 2020

Recently, Twitch streamer MrGolds was shown to be blatantly cheating after a clip from his livestream went viral.

Not only was the scammer caught openly cheating, but he was also spotted going to the extent of bragging about his "skilled" gameplay in Call of Duty: Warzone.

A user by the name of ERA7E on Twitter was quick to spot this Twitch streamer's dubious nature and highlighted how he had an EngineOwning Cheat Menu open in the background.

This resulted in mass outrage as a large section of the online community demanded his immediate removal from Twitch.

As reported earlier in our exclusive feature, after several people protested, MrGolds has now lost his Twitch channel after Twitch took action by banning him from the platform.

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Call of Duty Twitch cheater apologizes


Recently, a YouTube channel named The Average Sniper released a video discussing MrGolds' apology video.

The video wasn removed shortly after it was published, but the YouTuber somehow managed to get a hold of it.

In his apology video, MrGolds feigns an apologetic face and goes on to express regret over his actions:

I made a mistake an,d um, it's a huge mistake. I'm not here to make up for what I've done, I'm not here to say against it or anything, and I'm not here expecting you guys to forgive me.
I'm simply here to say I'm truly sorry and I'm not waiting for you to forgive me. All have a right to be mad, anyone who is truly loving games , it's not fair...I didn't realize that, I just kind of wanted a quick way to fix my situation but it wasn't fair.

The Average Sniper interjects to call him a scumbag who, in his opinion, does not deserve any sympathy at all. He also says:

What does he mean by "I didn't mean to"? You don't download and use cheats without meaning to..I mean, come on buddy ! You're notjust cheating at a game, you're cheating other people out of their online gaming experience. You're taking away so much from people, so yeah, you better be sorry!

He then resumes the video, where MrGolds speaks about his Twitch ban:

About my Twitch, as most of you were hoping that I should be banned, yes I am banned, I am not permanently banned , I got banned for seven days for exploring and cheating in a game .

He then goes on to state that he plans to continue playing and make the switch from motion keyboard to controller.

To this, The Average Sniper responds:

Now he's saying he's gonna keep playing, Buddy you got caught cheating , ruining people's experience, made a complete fool of yourself , but you're gonna continue playing? That tells me you're not really sorry dude.

MrGolds then offers to refund all the Twitch donation money given to him by subscribers and states that this is not the kind of image he aims to set for his children.

He finally sums up his apology by saying:

I'm not expecting nothing good at all and I'm not waiting for anything good, I just am sorry, that's what I want to say.

The Average Sniper ends the video by drawing attention to another alleged scam involving MrGolds, who had previously been accused of scamming PUBG mobile players from India, by faking an illness.

With strong questions continuing to persist regarding his moral compass, it remains to be seen what exactly lies in store for the infamous Twitch cheater, when he returns post his 7-day Twitch ban.

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Published 31 Aug 2020, 21:22 IST
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