Top 5 most controversial streamers on Twitch

Image Credits: r/PewDiePieSubmissions, Reddit
Image Credits: r/PewDiePieSubmissions, Reddit
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In today’s world, streamers seem to go hand in hand with controversies. New incidents and events seem to happen on an almost everyday basis. Be it the plethora of bans and suspensions that platforms have gotten into a habit of levying, or simple feuds between internet personalities, there is never a shortage of incidents.

Regardless, certain streamers have more of a habit of being involved in these incidents. This might be due to their brand of content, or because they have a habit of saying regrettable things. In this article, we look at the five most controversial streamers on Twitch, in no particular order.

Top five most controversial streamers on Twitch

1. Pokimane

There is little doubt that Pokimane is one of the most controversial streamers of recent times. Since early 2020, she is probably the most talked-about streamer on the internet. First, there was the controversy related to YouTuber ItsAGundam, which led to a beef with Keemstar.

Recently, LeafyIsHere posted a series of 12 videos mocking Pokimane and her content, and was eventually terminated from YouTube. This led to the internet blaming the 24-year-old and her fans for reporting him relentlessly. Of course, for now, Pokimane is on a break, but expected to be received back by a vast number of people upon her return. As it happens, she recently announced her return via the following tweet.

You can watch her recent apology video below:


2. Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect recently switched to YouTube, and ended up breaking multiple viewership records. He was banned from Twitch in June, and maintains that the platform has not revealed the reason for his removal. Further, Dr Disrespect has been no stranger to controversies throughout his career.

Apart from an incident where he was caught streaming from a public bathroom, musician and actor Jimmy Wong had famously accused The Doc of being abusive, and racist. Although much of his demeanor is part of the role that the streamer plays, Dr Disrespect is one of the most controversial streamers around.


3. Alinity

Alinity was a full-time nurse before she became a streamer. However, her streaming career has been blighted by a plethora of controversies. Back in 2018, she had famously issued a 'copy-strike' against popular YouTuber PewDiePie.

Furthermore, Alinity is well-known for her regular 'wardrobe malfunctions' which have even seen her get banned. However, the worst controversy of her career concerns the accusations related to animal abuse that have been levied against her. The streamer was once caught spitting vodka into her cat's mouth!


4. InvaderVie

InvaderVie has recently emerged as one of the most hated streamers on the internet. When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, the streamer was seen telling her viewers that they should not be watching random streamers on Twitch if they did not have $5 to spare for a subscription to her content!

She went on to call some of her viewers 'cheapskates' and 'immature children'. This was followed by her explaining that people should go out and find work if they do not have $5 in spare cash. She was heavily trolled by mainstream internet, and ended up posting an apology.


5. Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker has a healthy following on Twitch, with a total of 495k followers. While he has managed to eke out a successful streaming career, people seem to forget some controversial statements that the streamer has made in the past.

Once, he was found insulting a US war veteran on live stream. The streamer went on to say that "America deserves 9/11", something YouTuber TheQuartering talked about in a recent video. Furthermore, recently, he was found explaining to his viewers how "YouTubers do not work as hard as Twitch streamers".

According to Hasan, Twitch streamers spend fifty hours a week making content, while YouTubers only have to work for ten minutes a week!


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