Will Pokimane be the next streamer to break records after she returns online?

Will Pokimane return to hype or hate? (Image Credits:
Will Pokimane return to hype or hate? (Image Credits:
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

The past few months have witnessed a flurry of activity in the streaming world, with major developments taking place almost daily. The likes of Dr. Disrespect and Ninja have returned to streaming on YouTube and Twitch, respectively. Meanwhile, one of the most popular female streamers, Pokimane, is currently on a month-long hiatus from social media and streaming.

This move doesn't come as too much of a surprise, considering the rising dissent against her, of late. 2020 has been a forgettable year for the 24-year-old Twitch star, who seems to have invoked the ire of the community at large.

The question on everyone's mind right now is, when Pokimane returns, what will the reception be like? Will she be welcomed with open arms, absolved of all her controversies, or will they come back to haunt her yet again?

A month off for Pokimane: Witty damage control?

Pokimane's recent decision to take a break from streaming has been viewed as an effective result of all the criticism which has piled up against her.

Though Pokimane did not address any of the ongoing drama directly, she cited burnout as a reason for her decision. However, there certainly appears to be a link with the recent wave of criticism and the fact that she has been losing subscribers.

This makes for a cruel case of karmic retribution, considering the fact that a few months back, she was the one going after ItsAGundam's sponsors.

Some believe that this announcement was a cleverly timed masterstroke on Pokimane's behalf, as this would allow for an interim period, where things could tide over.

Pokimane seems to be taking her time, until the storm settles down, according to some users:

The tweets above are a testament to the fact that irrespective of the overwhelming criticism and harassment that has forced Pokimane to take a break, a section of the online community still bears a strong dislike towards her hypocritical demeanor in general.

Pokimane's decision to take a break is, thus, being viewed as a wily attempt to douse the flames of a simmering inferno.

Can Pokimane pull off a Dr. Disrespect/ Ninja level return?

Dr. Disrespect recently broke the internet with a stunning return to streaming, this time on YouTube, right after his Twitch ban. Millions across the globe tuned in to watch the Doc back in action.

Ninja, on the other hand, surprised everyone as he announced that he would be streaming on Twitch, alongside Dr. Lupo, for the first time since Mixer shut down.

Dr. Disrespect and Ninja played their cards right and hit the sweet spot when it came to sentiments. Their return was welcomed by all who were missing the presence of two of the most prominent streaming personalities of all-time.

When it comes to Pokimane, things get a bit complicated, considering how careful she will have to be with her return. Though some may forgive, they rarely forget the fact that a majority of Pokimane's fan base is dependant on her 'simps', who are slowly detracting towards the other side.

The Pokimane Boyfriend drama did not bode well at all for the Twitch star, who will be held answerable on her return. The shallowness of her fans is what constitutes perhaps the biggest roadblock when it comes to a grand comeback akin to that of a Dr. Disrespect or a Ninja.

Pokimane's best bet at a quick revival would rely upon cultivating a nuanced personality, devoid of her controversial tendencies.

Some are doubting if Pokimane will be able to maintain her charm on return:

It certainly remains to be seen if Pokimane will be able to make a triumphant return to streaming or if she falls prey to Cancel Culture and re-emerges, devoid of the backing of her simps.

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