Top 5 cutest back blings in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 has quite a few cute back blings for players to choose from (Image Via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Modified 28 Mar 2021
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Fortnite Season 6 is not just about survival; it's also about making a style statement.

What better way to make a style statement in the game than wearing back bling? While skins are amazing, back blings are the icing on the cake.

Over the years, Epic Games has added a lot of back blings to the game. This article takes a look at some of the cutest back blings in Fortnite Season 6.

Disclaimer: This is a subjective list based on the opinions of the writer.

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What are the cutest back blings in Fortnite Season 6?

#5 - Twistie Inflator


The Twistie Inflator back bling is part of Fortnite’s Hot Air set that includes the Twistie skin, Bendie skin, Flimsie Flail harvesting tool, Breezy emote, and Bendie inflator back bling.

#4 - Cryo Hops

The Cryo Hops is an epic back bling and should fit well into Fortnite Season 6's primal theme. The item is part of the Space Hop set.

#3 - Cuddle Doll

The Cuddle Doll is a pink doll with big eyes. It somewhat resembles a voodoo doll. The Doll is a back bling that perfectly matches the Nightwatch skin.


#2 - Slushy Jr.

The Slushy Jr. is a bonus back bling item of the Slushy Soldier epic avatar skin. This miniature snowman can be strapped to the player's back.

#1 - Calavera

The Calavera back bling is a cool backpack in the form of a green skull. The backpack skull features floral designs and heart-shaped patterns. While it can be cute, the back bling is also kind of scary, especially in the dark.

The Calavera is a part of the Muertos set.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 09:29 IST
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