Top 5 Fortnite streamers who quit the game

Fortnite streamers who quit the game (Image via Tfue - FaZe Clan)
Fortnite streamers who quit the game (Image via Tfue - FaZe Clan)
Modified 27 Mar 2021
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Fortnite has quickly turned into one of the premier games to stream as a content creator, however, many have chosen to leave Epic Games' Battle Royale for alternatives.

Fortnite is no longer the most-viewed title as it used to be on streaming platforms. Nevertheless, the game still commands a dominating position on Twitch and YouTube, with popular content creators like SypherPK and NickEH30 remaining loyal to Fortnite.

This article features five of the biggest Fortnite streamers who quit the game due to various reasons.

Fortnite streamers who stopped playing the game

#5 - Darryle "Hamlinz" Hamlin and Daequan "daequan" Loco

Hamlinz and Daequan were the official content creators for Team SOLOMID, but the duo has completely disappeared from the internet. These two content creators were extremely popular Fortnite streamers ever since the game came out.

Although Hamlinz and Daequan never officially left Fortnite, their extremely long disappearance is disappointing to the entire community.


#4 - Jack "CourageJD" Dunlop

CourageJD was a household name in the Fortnite community ever since he started streaming the game on Twitch. Courage's popularity as a Fortnite streamer had grown so much that he was even invited to be the host for the Fortnite World Cup held in 2019.

However, Courage has since given up on Fortnite and chosen to stream other games like Warzone and Among Us. Although it has been a while since Courage stopped playing Fortnite, the community still hopes to see their favorite host on the island again some day.

#3 - Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo


Boasting over 3 million followers on his Twitch channel, DrLupo was a dedicated Fortnite streamer when the game released. However, the fan favorite streamer, popular for his wholesome streams, has gone to stream a variety of games such as Escape from Tarkov, Among Us, Warzone, and others.

Although DrLupo can be seen playing the game on his stream in rare instances, the fact that he hasn't been seen playing Fortnite for quite a long time makes the entire community extremely sad.

#2 - Turner "Tfue" Tenney

Arguably one of the most controversial Fortnite streamers in the world, Tfue quit the game in 2020 after he felt "burnt out" because of the game. Although the streamer can still be seen playing Fortnite on rare occasions, the community surely misses their favorite Fortnite streamer on the island.

#1 - Ninja


The biggest and most popular Fortnite streamer in the world, Ninja, quit the game after getting frustrated with the constantly rising number of stream snipers in the game. The streamer who was once the face of the battle royale title, is now at a stage where he no longer wishes to continue playing Fortnite.

However, the community hopes that whatever issues Ninja is facing gets solved at the earliest, so that this fan-favorite content creator can be prevented from quitting Fortnite.

Published 27 Mar 2021, 22:20 IST
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