Top 5 games to play in 2022 with the best fishing mini-games

Take a back seat and fish for some fresh chow (Image via Rockstar)
Take a back seat and fish for some fresh chow (Image via Rockstar)

Video games have incorporated many mini-games over the years, including fishing. There are many such deviations in games across many activities: racing, sports, hacking, and so on. However, none match the serenity of casting a reel and waiting for the fish to bite.

I’m just going to come out and finally say the thing we’ve all been thinking: every game should have a fishing mini-game.

Fishing has also become one of the more popular mini-games to be featured in games, usually action-adventure titles. These include even newer recent entries like Hades and the recent Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising. However, let’s take a step back and address the best fishing mini-games across five titles.

Pick up your fishing rods and go to town in these games with great fishing mini-games

5) Stardew Valley


The iconic farming sim game from Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone is one of the most popular indie titles around. Originally released in 2015, this one-man project has garnered attention for its well-written world, characters, addictive gameplay mechanics, and charming aesthetic.

As is the norm for the genre, players can engage in various tasks from getting to know people better to looking after your farm, including fishing.

The fishing mini-game here is fairly simple but fun. Players can cast a fishing reel, whose distance is determined by a shifting power gauge. Green casts the net the farthest. Once an exclamation appears, another mini-game begins, which sees the player attempt to keep the randomly moving fish icon within the movable green bar.

It is tricky at first, but it is nonetheless easy to get sucked into a mini game that requires effort on the players' part. Stardew Valley is available on PC, PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.

4) Okami HD


An underrated PS2 gem that has since garnered a cult following, Capcom's Okami HD is a nod to Nintendo's Zelda series. It is, after all, a Legend of Zelda clone, with just a unique premise.

As the wolf incarnation of the sun goddess Amaterasu, players explore a corrupted Nippon, helping those in need and healing nature. The dungeons are masterfully designed featuring puzzles, while combat has flash and substance at the same time.

Amidst all the action, players can occasionally take a break and go fishing. This, too, uses the Celestial Brush system to attach the reel to the fish. The same applies to slashing it once the fish pops out of the water. It is a fun challenge as players must keep the gauge in the green "happy face" portion while battling against the fish's strength.

There is a lot of variety to catch too, such as trouts, lobsters, squids, and manta rays. Okami HD is on PC, PS3, PS4, XB1 and Nintendo Switch. Other ports include a Wii version.

3) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD


Few franchises are as renowned as Nintendo's Legend of Zelda. In addition to the exceptional dungeons, the series offers various mini-games around the land of Hyrule. Each title has its own unique mechanics, however, many entries also boast of fishing. Twilight Princess is regarded as one of the best in that aspect.

When players aren't traipsing around Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, they can take a breather and resort to catching some fish. This first requires purchasing a rod, however, Hena's Fishing Hole is where the best action takes place.

Link can rent a boat and float around the lake in search of prey. Casting the bobber switches to first person as players can make out the fish swimming underwater; overall it may not be intricate, but it is a very calming experience, especially with the ambient water sloshing sounds.

Legend of Zelda is available on Wii and remastered for Wii U.

2) Far Cry 5


Ubisoft's Far Cry games are renowned for their expansive open worlds, something fans can look forward to on every release. These games offer tons of content which, while repetitive, is fun. And like many decent open-world games, they also feature mini-games.

Surprisingly, the series never featured fishing until Far Cry 5 in 2018. Set in the fictional Hope County in Montana, USA, players explore the American wilderness while dealing with a doomsday cult.

Players can obtain different rods, each with different stats. Each region on the map features different spots to catch the varied fishes. The fishing is your standard wait-for-bite-then reel affair, with the reel changing colors to indicate how well things are going. It is a fun tug of war to engage in as a diversion.

Players can use different lures for different species, and also opt into skills that boost fishing efficiency. Far Cry 5 is available on PC, PS4 and XB1.

1) Red Dead Redemption 2

Hunting and fishing are essential skills for survival in the wilderness, providing food, materials and a source of income. The wilderness amply provides and there is no reason to ever go cold or hungry.Discover more at…

Rockstar has always had a penchant for attention to detail, something that has been made clear with their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite the numbering, the 2018 open-world action-adventure is a prequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption.

It takes place in the late 1800s Wild West, where players control Arthur Morgan, an outlaw of the Van Der Linde gang. The game's drawn-out animation and detail seeps into every aspect of the game, even the mini-games.

Players can hunt for a variety of animals, including fish found in lakes and rivers. The mechanics are similar to Far Cry 5 with the hooking, reeling and lures. However, the added animation detail further enhances the experience, especially due to it being slower-paced as a whole.

Players looking for a challenge can also go after the Legendary fishes, but be wary: they are very tough. Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PC, PS4 and XB1.

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