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Top 5 killstreaks in COD history 

(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
Brandon Moore
Modified 12 Sep 2020, 22:42 IST
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Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises in video game history. From gut-wrenching campaign moments to spectacular multiplayer experiences, COD has them all. For the last two decades, players have jumped into COD lobbies and racked up the kills.

Killstreaks are a prominent feature in COD multiplayer and the battle-royale mode Warzone, which presents players the perfect opportunities to show off their skills and unleash high-level killstreaks. Enemies are sure to notice them and fear for their lives, knowing that someone on the other side is on the rampage.

5 best COD killstreaks of all time

#5 – Care Package

The Care Package is one of COD's big gambles. For a smaller value killstreak, though, it can't get much better. Players don't need to load up a dozen or so kills in a row to get the Care Package streak ready to go. Once it is available, it can do some serious damage. The Care Package could easily drop a killstreak that would take ten more kills to unlock. On the other hand, it could supply a lower tier killstreak like a UAV.

#4 – Chopper Gunner


COD's Chopper Gunner is a very useful killstreak. It allows players to ride along with the helicopter and deliver a barrage of mini-gun bullets onto the battlefield. It never runs out of ammunition, but it can be shot down with a rocket or persistent team fire. Regardless, there is plenty of time to call it in and pick off those poor enemies out in the open.

#3 – Attack Dogs

There is nothing more frightening in COD than turning a corner and having a vicious canine going straight for your jugular. On the user side of things, not much more is satisfying than unleashing those same canines onto the enemies you have already been dominating. The Attack Dogs were so well received, they continually came back as a killstreak in later COD iterations.

#2 - AC-130

The second-best killstreak in COD history might be the most fun to use. The AC-130 killstreak put players in the sky with a thermal vision view of the map below. Enemy players would be highlighted white and even given a red square around them for further identification. Flares can be shot to avoid lock-on missiles from the ground and hell rains down on your opponents. Players still have nightmares about hearing “enemy AC-130 above.”

#1 – Tactical Nuke

COD's Tactical Nuke is the best killstreak of all time. It literally ends the game, wiping out the user and everyone else. If a player can reach the number of kills needed for the nuke, doing so in a row without dying, that's it. There is no greater feeling in COD than reaching this killstreak reward and demolishing the entire playing field. The countdown appears, the enemies' jaws drop, and the lobby waits for their certain demise.

Published 12 Sep 2020, 22:42 IST
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