Top 5 PlayStation exclusives that might be better on PC

Image via PlayStation Universe
Image via PlayStation Universe

Sony has already released a few PlayStation exclusives for PC players to test. But other games from their roster could be adapted for PC. Titles like Horizon Zero Dawn became available to desktop players in 2020, providing them with the experience of a world like no other.

Sony's decision could have been prompted by a PC's ability to project ultrawide camera shots for games like Horizon Zero Dawn better. A broader appreciation of the artwork, having a better control system, and allowing games to be more accessible are excellent reasons for the games on the following list to be made available on PC.

Some PlayStation exclusives better suited for PC

1. Ghosts of Tsushima


This open-world samurai stealth game won many awards for its art direction. Its masterpiece design and the massive world to explore created a blissful experience for PlayStation players.

If brought to PC, players could take the positives from Ghosts of Tsushima and upgrade them with a good graphics card. The camera mode is second to none in capturing the beautiful landscape. Imagine what it could look like on a PC.

Well-written samurai games, in general, are few and far between recently, and having this one as a PC only limits the player pool. The game being available on PC and PlayStation could maximize its reach.

2. God of War

Image via WallpaperAcess
Image via WallpaperAcess

The legendary god killer, Kratos, would likely make a massive splash in the PC universe for multiple reasons. Like Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War contains excellent artwork and scenery, playing into PC players' favor with the better equipment.

Many have complained that God of War's control scheme contradicts itself by having first-person shooter controls in a hack-n-slash game. If it moved to PC, players could take advantage of the massive combination potential and move around more efficiently.

3. Shadow of the Colossus

Image via WallpaperAccess
Image via WallpaperAccess

PlayStation's PS4 remaster of this game succeeded in highlighting the unique playstyle without compromising the world's imagery. While fans of Shadow of the Colossus were pleased with the newest version, it could see higher ratings on PC.

It's a simple game that only requires riding through the world without much resistance on the path to the Colossi. PlayStation players adore the incredible amount of detail and fabled signs of this game.

When Monster Hunter hit steam, it saw a massive spike in its fan base. Shadow of the Colossus could have the same effect given its similar playstyle and may even perform better on PC like Ghosts of Tsushima.

4. Marvel's Spider-Man

Image via WallpaperAccess
Image via WallpaperAccess

Spider-Man has a massive fanbase with previous success in video games. It's an incredibly smooth game that is fun to play. While swinging through the open world, the title gives off a 'classic' feeling to longtime players.

However, this game could potentially see better success on PC with a more finely tuned control scheme. The button layout for Marvel's latest Spider-Man game has caught the eye of the players with its altering controls from previous games.

By having this PlayStation exclusive on PC, players can better feel for the controls while getting the same fantastic experience.

5. Bloodborne

Image via WallpaperAccess
Image via WallpaperAccess

This PlayStation exclusive could soar to greater heights on PC. The creators of Dark Souls took extra effort to turn this horror game into a quick-paced combat experience.

The massive Gothic-style horror elements construct an indistinguishable world that PC players could better explore as the ingenious plot reveals itself. This game is also reasonably straightforward.

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