Top 5 primitive animals that would be a perfect fit in Fortnite Season 6

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
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Fortnite Season 6 is seeing an influx of wild animals in the game thanks to its Primal theme. With the current season welcoming raptors into the game, there's scope for more primitive animals to become a part of Fortnite Season 6.

Since the current theme of the season is Primal, fans have expressed their concerns about vehicles being in the game. Some people are of the opinion that vehicles don't belong in the current season.

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Top 5 primitive animals which could fit in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 has a new taming mechanic as well. Players need to craft the hunters cloak to be able to effectively tame animals on the island. The following animals in the list would be useful to the game in terms of mobility, provided that players are able to tame them effectively.

#1 The Wooly Mammoth


The Wooly Mammoth will make perfect alternatives for vehicles in the game. They could also be hunters who craft components in the game. Fortnite Season 6 saw the introduction of a new crafting mechanic that allows players to craft their own weapons.

#2 Sabre Tooth Tiger


The Saber Tooth Tiger was a predator that dominated the primitive era. This would be a wonderful addition to the list of wild animals available on the island. This animal could also be harvested for parts to craft weapons.

#3 Pterodactyl


This animal could be regarded as the perfect alternative to choppers in Fortnite Season 6. It can add a brand new angle to the game and leave it feeling fresh because of the change in game dynamics.

#4 Gorilla


The Gorilla, just like chickens in Fortnite Season 6, could serve as modes of transport. Players could use the gorilla to rotate around the map with ease, just like they do with the chickens.

#5 Giant Snake


Adding giant snakes to Fortnite Season 6 would fit in with the theme completely. While these can be regarded as a threat, snakes could be hunted to craft snake skin armor in Fortnite Season 6.

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