Top 5 Roblox games set in outer space

The top Roblox games based in outer space (Image via Roblox)
The top Roblox games based in outer space (Image via Roblox)

Outer space can be a wonderful setting for players to stretch their imaginations on Roblox. Despite its large swathes of nothingness, outer space can be turned into various genres, like survival, shooters, and exploration. There are even Roblox games based entirely on flying spaceships.

With that said, some outer space games are clearly better than others. And only the best of the best make it to this list. Here are the top five Roblox games in outer space.

Disclaimer: The listicle is in no particular order and is based on the views of the writer.

Five best Roblox games that are based in outer space

1) Starscape


If the urge to roleplay in outer space is strong, Starscape is an excellent blend of survival, space flying, and exploration. Why stick to one star, living on one planet, when there are hundreds of others to visit? Rent homes, build a base and roleplay with in-game factions.

2) Rocket Tester


For players wanting to simulate sending rockets into space, Rocket Tester should be their very first stop. It allows players to build space stations and dock at them, send rockets and probes to planets, and even the ability to land and explore.

3) Space Combat Tycoon


Space Combat Tycoon is a rare gem, one that gives players plenty of outer space content. Players get a planet of their own to protect from invading AI monsters and players alike. There are also mini-games players can (and should) invest time into for money, which goes towards expanding their new home.

4) Star Wars: Space Battle


If space is involved, then Star Wars quickly follows. Star Wars: Space Battle, as its names suggest, is a big sandbox for space battles. Pilot vehicles take down enemy ships and even join the Empire and Rebels.

5) Build and Survive!


Build and Survive! is less concerned about visiting other planets as it sends waves of sci-fi creatures to players. In this game, players come together to create a base of operations that can survive an onslaught of futuristic monsters and robots. It’s the kind of game that should be played with friends.

Variety is the spice of life, so consider trying all of these Roblox games set in outer space. Each one is unique and brings something special to the table.

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