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Top 5 Speedrunning live stream moments in Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Brandon Moore
Modified 22 Jan 2021
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Speedrunning is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed, especially when it comes to the Pokemon franchise.

There are no redoes and there is no forgiveness when it comes to speedruns. Players that stream their attempts are doing so in front of a live audience with no editing or cutting away.

Pokemon speedruns need to be precise. Streaming these can either lead to moments of pure joy or moments of utter failure. That's the beauty of live speedrunning. No one truly knows how it will pan out.

Top 5 Speedrunning live stream moments in Pokemon

#5 - Pokemon Gold Glitchless Race

Pokeguy and Gunnermaniac are two names that are well-known in the Pokemon speedrunning community. At 2018 Games Done Quick, they battled it out in Pokemon Gold. No, it wasn't a 6v6 Pokemon battle. It was a race in the game to see who could complete it the quickest. This battle brought many eyes to the speedrunning genre, and it was extremely close.


#4 - Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red Former Record

Gunnermaniac hits the list again. In his run of Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red, Gunnermaniac set a world record. While that record no longer stands, it was an amazing accomplishment considering that it was in front of an audience on stream. The 2:03:27 run would eventually be beaten. Gunnermaniac would then take back the crown just over a week ago, owning the current record at 2:01:49.

#3 - Shiny Fail


The4thGenGamer took to Pokemon X for a different kind of speedrun. This speedrun was a Wonder Trade Race. During the race, a Shiny Trapinch is encountered at full odds. This means there was no method used to increase Shiny encounters. The4thGenGamer realized after his excitement that he had no Poke Balls and would have to defeat it.

#2 - Werster's Wally Finds a Shiny

Head to the 4:00 mark of the video. Notable Pokemon speedrunner Werster is having a go at Emerald. When the in-game character is being taught how to catch a Pokemon by Wally, something incredible, or incredibly maddening, happens. The unskippable scene shows Wally attempting to catch a Ralts and it is a Shiny version. Needless to say, Werster had some choice words regarding it.

#1 - Hwangbro World Record

Hwanbro set what some believe is an unbeatable record. Speedrunning Pokemon Red Any% Glitchless live and setting a world record is hands down the top moment. In 1:45:05, Hwangbro became, in his own words, the Gen I king. Seeing this world record set is a thing of beauty. Seeing it live was even more mesmerizing.

Published 22 Jan 2021, 03:34 IST
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