Top 5 Streamers who've done questionable things on livestream

These streamers took things too far with their questionable behavior (Image via Sportskeeda)
These streamers took things too far with their questionable behavior (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Being a streamer is challenging. There are rules to abide by, lines not to cross, and some things are better left unsaid. However, at times, things tend to slip through the cracks and onto the livestream.

Most of the time, this tends to be profanity or something that shouldn't have been said. However, that's not always the case. At times, things go above and beyond the limit. Rather than being casual slip-ups, they tend to become questionable.

Top 5 streamers who've done some rather questionable and unsavory things on livestream

5) Pokimane


Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers on the internet. While she's no stranger to harmless controversy, she has been in the spotlight on numerous occasions for the wrong reasons. Perhaps the most talked-about to date is when she used the "n" word.

During a livestream in 2019, when replying to a fan whom she thought was immature, she flung the "n" word around multiple times. Suffice to say, the act was somewhat questionable and left viewers shocked.

4) TrainwrecksTV

Alright so.. I know that folks are sayin things wont change but I'm not gonna stay quiet. This is getting out of hand and @Twitch needs to start holding these partnered streamers accountable.…

Tyler “TrainwrecksTV'' Niknam is no stranger to questionable acts. From unsavory language to insulting female streamers on livestream, he's done it all. While the issue was ignored for a fair bit, in 2017, it went past the point of no return.

During a livestream, he went on a rant. Not just any rant to express anger or hate, but one filled with misogyny and sexism. The community at large called him out, and he received a 5-day ban from Twitch.

3) Mya

I hate to bring attention to people like this but I can’t believe I’m not seeing this anywhere on Twitter: this girl Tessa who “does the internet” is apparently still online/popular(?), but she also remorselessly bullies cancer victimsCredit @IRLMoments

Mya, aka Tessi, is no stranger when it comes to questionable behavior on livestreams. She was a small-time streamer who got famous for all the wrong reasons.

During a casual livestream in late January, she made fun of a Leukemia patient. The internet rallied against her after the incident, and she was subsequently dubbed "The Internet's most disliked Twitch streamer."

2) Stas Reeflay


The concept of 'Trash Streams' is not new. Streamers inflict pain or cause discomfort to entertain their viewers in return for donations. However, at times things go a little too far.

A Russian YouTuber/streamer named Stas Reeflay forced his girlfriend to stay in sub-zero temperatures for $1,000 from viewers. He continued to record even after realizing that she was in discomfort. Sadly, she later passed away allegedly due to hyperthermia.

1) Lea May


Lea May, better known as Legendarylea, was an up-and-coming streamer back in 2016. Her following and viewer counts were growing at a ready rate. That was until she decided to say something so questionable that it ended her career.

During a livestream, she said a few things that didn't bode well with anyone. According to her, kids with cancer are meant to die. Following her statement and subsequent backlash, her career as a streamer was all but over.

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