Playmate Tessi: The Internet's most disliked Twitch streamer who was cancelled for mocking a cancer patient appears on “Dr. Phil” YouTube video

Playmate Tessi and her father recently appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show.
Playmate Tessi and her father recently appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show.

Recently, Mya "PlaymateTessi" West appeared on a Phillip “Dr. Phil” Calvin McGraw YouTube video and claimed that her critics are “jealous haters.”

Playmate Tessi has come under severe scrutiny for a plethora of reasons. The former YouTuber shot to infamy when she made fun of a leukemia patient on her Twitch stream.

The community mobilized and canceled her, after which her father took to YouTube to reveal he had “kicked her out of the house.” Playmate Tessi appeared in a recent Dr. Phil video and said that she thought everything that she said to the cancer patient was “funny and hilarious.”


Playmate Tessi appears in Dr. Phil video, calls her father a “jealous hater.”

Tessi appeared in a Dr. Phil video which was first posted on the channel on 24th April 2021. In the video, the former YouTuber made multiple claims about her father.


The streamer was engaging in a “sleep-stream” when her father began shouting at her sister for unknown reasons. Tessi woke up, and got into an argument with him.


She said that she had to call the police after her father began to make threatening claims. She left the house and spent the night at a hotel.


Her dad had earlier taken to YouTube to reveal that Tessi has been to innumerable psychologists and therapists over the years and was arrested once for live streaming herself while doing drugs.

He also claimed that Tessi’s drama over the years had affected her sister as well.

"You know what Mya? You can come after me all you want. I'm an adult. I can deal with it but your sister is a minor. Your sister has had to be front row and center for all your drama.

The conversation had also been live streamed by Tessi. In the Dr. Phil video, her father claimed that he meant everything that he said to his daughter. Jim West had claimed during a phone call that “Tessi was dead to him.” Regardless, Tessi called him a “jealous hater” and claimed she hadn’t said anything offensive to the alleged cancer patient.

Back when the controversy first broke out, Tessi released an apology that was perceived by the community as "casual." The former YouTuber defended the apology:

“It was a really good apology. I really want Dr. Phil to clear my name because I really didn’t do anything.”

She also claimed that “jealous haters” have always been trying to bring her down since she has been “famous.” When Dr. Phil questioned what she meant by “being famous,” Playmate Tessi said:

“I guess just being like gorgeous beautiful amazing talented and just a celebrity, you know? You know what like, I can’t just not be gorgeous or I just don’t really care, you know? (I define famous as) Me. I was born famous, a superstar.”

The show's live online audience burst into laughter when Tessi said she was born a superstar. She turned to the audience and told them to “shut up.” Tessi also claimed that she is “famous in the eyes of the Globe” and said that YouTube showed that she had less than 10k subscribers due to a "glitch." Tessi went on to say that she “thinks she has 7 billion YouTube subscribers" in truth.

Dr. Phil responded by asking her whether she knows what the population of the entire world is. However, Playmate Tessi responded:

“I don’t keep up with you know, the poors really.”

She again turned to the audience and said “I just don’t!”

Playmate Tessi's attitude seems to be the same since the controversy first arose. She has been banned from Twitch, Twitter and YouTube. Tessi was also accused of previously abusing her pet cat.

Dr. Phil is a television personality/author and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. Dr. Phil and his audience appeared genuinely dumbfounded and fascinated by the overall interaction.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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