Twitch Streamer 'Tessi' who made fun of a cancer patient: Where is she now?

Tessi conducting an ASMR session (Image Via YouTube/PLAYMATETESSI)
Tessi conducting an ASMR session (Image Via YouTube/PLAYMATETESSI)

Tessi gained notoriety after she made fun of a leukemia patient in one of her live streams. What started as a spat escalated into a full-blown war of words after Tessi insulted the other girl. After severe backlash, the internet vowed to cancel her and make her face the consequences, but it rarely ever goes that way.

So what eventually happened to Tessi? Did the internet cancel her? Well, as it turns out, Tessi is doing well and fine following the fiasco on the live chat, which got the internet to hate her. It also resulted in her own father banishing her from ever returning home.

At the moment, Tessi spends most of her time creating random Youtube videos and live streams for her fans (which seem to be few and far in between). Her Youtube channels are flooded with miscellaneous videos that include cake baking, sushi making, and blowing up balloons.

Despite slipping under the radar, some netizens haven't forgotten about her bad behavior. Her videos are littered with hateful comments and individuals asking others to stop viewing her content. Most of the videos have more dislikes than likes. However, Tessi seems to be enjoying the attention all the same.

The comments on the videos (Image Via (Image Via YouTube/PLAYMATETESSI)
The comments on the videos (Image Via (Image Via YouTube/PLAYMATETESSI)

What exactly did Tessi do?

Tessi was a small-time streamer who got called out by social media after making fun of a girl with leukemia. During an argument on the livestream, she said,

"Oh my god, that is a wig, so embarrassing. Do you have cancer? You're such a loser. Your wig is even falling off. What is it even like having cancer?"

To make matters worse, her own father found out about the incident and shut her down in a video. In the video, Jeremy stated that his daughter had been in hot water before as well when she was arrested in school. He had even taken her to psychologists and therapists over the years, but it was futile as she refused the help. In his ending statement in the video, he stated,

"You know what Mya? You can come after me all you want. I'm an adult. I can deal with it but your sister is a minor. Your sister has had to be front row and center for all your drama. You've just started being an adult, and you've never really had to pay for anything. Never had to be responsible for bills but that all ended last night because you decided to call the cops on me for no reason."

In a later live stream, Tessi said that it wasn't her fault for calling the call and that her father erupted after finding out about the live stream in which she belittled the cancer patient.

She quoted, "Shortly after I booked my hotel (because I had to leave the house) while trying to get an Uber, my dad erupted violently on the phone. My sister was banging on the door to let me know that he was coming home, and that got recorded as well."

According to Jeremy, however, Tessi lied and had unwittingly involved her younger sister on the Livestream when she had called the cops. She had also broken ground rules he had put into place, which allowed her to stay with him.

Following her departure from her father's home, Tessi also claimed that Jeremy was unemployed, which turned out to be untrue. Jeremy, who goes by the name of Jim West, is a successful author and cybersecurity expert with many awards and nominations under his belt.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji