Brittany Johnson AKA Lovely Peaches threatened to kill her dog for followers; immediately regrets it

Lovely Peaches threatened to kill her dog for followers (Image via Instagram/lovelypeachesmusicforever2001)
Lovely Peaches threatened to kill her dog for followers (Image via Instagram/lovelypeachesmusicforever2001)

Brittany Johnson, AKA Lovely Peaches, threatened to kill her dog for followers and immediately regretted it, as she soon got arrested. On the 20th of January, Lovely Peaches received massive backlash from netizens due to a video she posted on Instagram, which has now been deleted.

In the video, it appears as if she picked up her dog by the neck and sprays perfume in its face. Subsequently, she had also claimed to have broken her dog's legs, which led to numerous accounts reporting the video. Concerned netizens also wanted the dog to be taken away and Lovely Peaches to be charged with animal cruelty.

After the posts spread on social media, many individuals decided to call the police and press charges. Lovely Peaches was arrested on the 22nd of January on a charge of animal cruelty. A statement to TooFab by a DeKalb County Police Department representative read,

"Until her case is concluded, she is not allowed to own or care for any animals. Meanwhile, her Jack Russell Terrier was taken into custody by Animal Services, where it was examined by a veterinarian and Johnson voluntarily signed over custody."

Since her arrest, Lovely Peaches has been bonded out and has been posting again on her various social media platform. Here are a few reactions from Twitter users regarding the incident:

Lovely Peaches has been in hot water before

From animal abuse to rape threats, Lovely Peaches has been at the center of several controversies over the year for various reasons, and none of them being good.

In 2019, Johnson, on Charli's live stream, stated that she had hired a 30-year-old man to sexually assault Charli D'Amelio. She further escalated the situation by hurling vile and explicit comments about Charli as well.

In the video, she can be seen talking to an individual about Charli D'Amelio.

Her actions were soon reported, and her account was suspended by TikTok for breaking and violating community guidelines. Lovely Peaches also irked the internet by consistently failing to take care of her daughter. Concerned netizens had even started a petition to help get Johnson's daughter away from her and into proper care.

Following these incidents, Lovely Peaches seems to have become one of the most hated internet personalities in recent times.

Social media has recently been bursting at its seams with outrageous content. Starting from TikTokers dancing on graves for views to applying industrial-grade Gorilla Glue to their hair. But none of them compare to what Lovely Peaches has been doing over the years.

It's unclear whether more severe action will be taken against her for the recent charges of animal cruelty, but as of now, she seems to be back to living a normal life, posting regularly on her social media platforms.

Edited by Gautham Balaji