Twitch streamer Tessi abuses cat on live stream, says she wants to get 'rid of it'

Tessi playing with Molly during happier days (Image Via PLAYMATETESSI/YouTube)
Tessi playing with Molly during happier days (Image Via PLAYMATETESSI/YouTube)

Controversial streamer Tessi is back in the limelight, this time because of allegations of pet abuse.

The Twitch broadcaster received criticism and hate after revelations that she made fun of a cancer patient during a stream. The internet rallied together and vowed to cancel her, though little happened on that front. Tessi's life soon went back to normal.

But this silence seems to have been a false dawn, and she's back in the public eye for another regrettable act.

What has Tessi done now?

Tessi has now received flak from the internet for using her cat as a prop. In one video, the pet, lovingly named Molly, was flipped by Tessi off her lap, landing off-camera with a thud.

The streamer claimed her intention was not to hurt the cat. But in most of her videos, it's evident that Molly is merely being used as a live prop.

Tessi flips Molly off her lap (Image via YouTube/sensitive soci3ty)
Tessi flips Molly off her lap (Image via YouTube/sensitive soci3ty)

In her videos, Tessi talks about wanting to get rid of her pet because the one-bedroom apartment she lives in is too small, and the cat is too clingy for her liking. She even locks Molly on the balcony to stop her from being too clingy and so that she could find another owner.

The streamers' YouTube channel is overwhelmed with dislikes from viewers, with many stating that Molly should be taken away from Tessi and given a good home.

One user wrote:

"Poor Molly, she doesn't want to be with you, and she is hiding for a reason."

It's unclear why Tessi adopted a cat in the first place. Still, after following her actions on a live stream, many viewers were left distressed and wanted Molly to be removed from her custody before the situation escalated any further.

What happened back when Tessi insulted cancer patients?

Following the dreadful incident, Tessi was evicted by her father after she called the cops on him and dragged her underage sister unwittingly into the entire drama.

Her father took to social media and addressed the situation, breaking down several times while explaining what he has been through as a single parent. Tessi, though, in a follow-up reply, said that "it wasn't her fault," referring to calling the cops on him for no valid reason.

She even went as far as to drag his name through the mud, stating that he was unemployed, which turned out to be false. In truth, her father is a well-published author and expert in the field of cybersecurity.

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