Top 5 strongest Dragon-type moves in Pokemon

Image via PTSM
Image via PTSM
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Dragon-type Pokemon and their attacks are often considered the strongest in the entire series.

Since Generation I, Dragon-type Pokemon have been an anomaly. Pseudo-Legendaries are often Dragon-types. They are nothing like "normal Pokemon."


Dragon-types have access to some incredible moves. These moves are about as powerful as they get. If it weren't for the addition of Fairy-types and their immunity to Dragon-type moves, these attacks would be unstoppable.

Top 5 strongest Dragon-type moves in Pokemon

#5 - Draco Meteor


Draco Meteor is one of the first Dragon-type attacks that comes to mind. The fifth most powerful Dragon-type move, it is more powerful than a large list of other Pokemon types' moves.

Draco Meteor has 90% Accuracy and 130 Power. It deals Special damage but lowers the user's Special Attack after each use, making it less dangerous as the battle goes on.

#4 - Dragon Energy


Dragon Energy is a brand new move introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC. It is an exclusive signature of Regidrago, a recent addition to the Legendary titan category.

Dragon Energy can do massive damage with its 150 Power and 100% Accuracy. It is based on the user's HP. At first, it can be very dangerous, but as the user loses HP, so does Dragon Energy.

#3 - Roar of Time


Roar of Time is the signature move of Dialga. It also has 150 Power and 100% Accuracy. It immediately inflicts a lot of damage to opposing Pokemon but does take a turn to recharge.

Special Event gifted versions of Darkrai and Arceus can also learn this manoeuvre if they are obtained. Since Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type, this attack always receives a Same Type Attack Bonus.

#2 - Eternabeam


Eternabeam has 90% Accuracy but comes with a wild 160 Power. In its original form, this move is Eternatus' most powerful. There are no secondary effects inflicted on the target Pokemon.

Eternabeam deals damage, but Eternatus must recharge on the following turn. A recharge is not needed if the move doesn't land due to protect, immunity, or simply missing.

#1 - Clangorous Soulblaze


Clangorous Soulblaze is the Z-Move upgrade of Clanging Scales. It is the signature move of Dragon/Fighting-type powerhouse Kommo-o.

Accuracy does not play a factor in Z-Moves. The attack does not miss. It has 185 Power, making it the strongest Dragon-type move in Pokemon.

The move inflicts damage to all opponents and increases the user's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by one stage.

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