Top 5 strongest Psychic-Type moves in Pokemon

Psychic-type Pokemon are incredibly intimidating to go up against (Image via Wallpaper Abyss)
Psychic-type Pokemon are incredibly intimidating to go up against (Image via Wallpaper Abyss)

Psychic-type Pokemon are considered one of the most powerful offensive typings in the franchise.

Pokemon such as Alakazam, Mewtwo, Mew and Metagross have given the Psychic-type a reputation for hitting hard and fast, making it an incredibly intimidating type to go up against. This is especially so with the slew of potent Psychic-type moves at their disposal.

This list will focus on moves that are likely to KO an opponent rather than those that are set up for a KO while also being available to a wide range of Pokemon. This means that moves like Galarian Articuno's signature Freezing Stare are not eligible for the list.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

What are the 5 strongest Psychic-Type Moves in Pokemon?

#5 - Psychic Fangs

Psychic Fangs (Image via Bulbapedia)
Psychic Fangs (Image via Bulbapedia)

Psychic Fangs is a relatively new move introduced in Generation VII. More Pokemon are capable of learning it in Generation VIII.

With a base power of 85 and 100% accuracy, this move is one of the best options for physical attackers looking for a Psychic-type move. This move functions similarly to Brick Break in that it destroys any barriers on the opponent's side of the field (like Reflect or Light Screen) before damage is calculated. This is a great move for dealing with opponents who have set up a solid line of defense beforehand.

With all of that said, Psychic Fangs is highly unlikely to ever receive STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) as there are only 4 Psychic-type Pokemon (counting Silvally) that can learn this move. Of those four, only Silvally or Necrozma would be able to make good use of a physical move like this. However, it's still a good option for type-coverage on non-Psychic-type Pokemon.

#4 - Psyshock

Psyshock (Image via ishmam on DeviantArt)
Psyshock (Image via ishmam on DeviantArt)

Psyshock isn't the most damaging move out there and only has 80 base power. However, its unique gimmick is what nets it a place on this list.

Psyshock calculates its damage based on the user's special attack stat and the target's defense stat, as opposed to the expected special defense stat.

For a type so heavily dominated by special attackers, this move comes as a real shock to the typical special walls that opponents might have up their sleeve.

#3 - Psychic

Psychic (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Psychic (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The Psychic-type's go-to move does its namesake justice by being a dependable move learned by a vast variety of Pokemon. It has a respectable base power of 90 and a 100% accuracy. In cases where the user doesn't one-shot the target, it can lower the target's special defense so that the follow-up move will be more likely to take the injured Pokemon down.

As it can be learned by nearly 200 different Pokemon (including pre-evolutions), Psychic is the Psychic-type move most readily available to a massive number of Pokemon, making it a go-to move for both type coverage and straight damage.

#2 - Expanding Force

Expanding Force (Image via the Pokemon Wiki)
Expanding Force (Image via the Pokemon Wiki)

Expanding Force is a deceptively powerful move that hides underneath the imprecise wording of in-game descriptions.

Expanding Force only has a base power of 80. However, its attack goes up by 30% when Psychic terrain is in effect, raising its power to 104. The Psychic terrain itself also raises any Psychic-type move's power by 50%, further increasing the power of Expanding Force to 156.

It even goes one step further! If a Psychic-type Pokemon uses Expanding Force, then STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) brings the power of this move all the way up to 234!

Given a chance and with a bit of prep, Expanding Force can be one of the most lethal Psychic-type moves in the franchise.

#1 - Stored Power

Stored Power (Image via the Pokemon Wiki)
Stored Power (Image via the Pokemon Wiki)

Stored Power has the potential to be the most damaging move in the entire Pokemon franchise. Of course, reaching that potential is unlikely under any reasonable circumstances, but it can still be particularly potent under normal conditions.

Stored Power's base power starts off at a pitiful 20 and raises by 20 for each positive stat change the user currently has. This could be from any stat: attack, defense, speed, evasion and accuracy count. This makes moves that raise multiple stats, like Calm Mind, Sift Gears, and Hone Claws particularly useful.

Add in a Baton Pass, which allows the user to swap out for a different Pokemon while also transferring any and all stat changes, and this move can devastate just about any opponent.

This move takes a solid amount of setup to make it useful at all. However, once five or more stat-ups have been applied, this move is sure to pack a punch. For reference, the max potential base power this move can reach with all 7 potential stats maxed in battle is 860. That's its base power without STAB or a Psychic terrain bonus.

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