Top 5 tips for completing the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Spiral Abyss entrance in Genshin Impact
Spiral Abyss entrance in Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact offers an incredible amount of playable content. Perhaps the most challenging of them all is the Spiral Abyss.

Each floor in the Spiral Abyss has three stages, called chambers, where a trial takes place. Players earn up to three stars in each chamber and can rake in huge rewards, including Primogems, for beating stages and climbing up the Abyss.

This article offers five tips to clear the Spiral Abyss.

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Five tips for clearing the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

#1 - Build DPS characters

Popular DPS characters in Genshin Impact: Keqing, Childe/Tartaglia, and Diluc
Popular DPS characters in Genshin Impact: Keqing, Childe/Tartaglia, and Diluc

The current team-building meta in Genshin Impact urges players to invest the most resources into characters who can function as a main DPS source.

For the Spiral Abyss, this is especially important. Players should have at least two main DPS characters to carry their teams through floor five and beyond the Abyss.

#2 - Utilize Anemo characters

Anemo character Jean standing on the Mondstadt statue

Running a two-Anemo party in Genshin Impact always has its benefits.

In the Spiral Abyss, players can capitalize on the Elemental Resonance of two Anemo characters to conserve stamina, move more quickly, and use Elemental Skills more frequently.

This strategy may not be ideal for every chamber in the Abyss, but there is another way that a single Anemo character can be beneficial in the Spiral Abyss.

By equipping an Anemo character with four Viridescent Venerer artifacts, an enemy’s resistance will be lowered to whatever element is infused in a Swirl reaction.

Venti with this buff can be a combo with the character of any Vision to break enemy shields with ease.

#3 - Make preparations

Challenge details for stage 7-1 of the Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss
Challenge details for stage 7-1 of the Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss

Before players begin a new floor in the Spiral Abyss, it’s a solid idea to learn about what awaits them.

Knowing the enemies that spawn on floors five and above helps players decide how to build their two teams. Players can prepare for certain types of enemies and the elemental powers they possess by building teams that work against their weaknesses.

Challenge requirements and enemy lists are not given to players before starting a floor, but all basic information about each floor of the Spiral Abyss can be found here.

#4 - Manage Elemental Bursts

Diluc using his Elemental Burst
Diluc using his Elemental Burst

Players can easily clear floors perfectly in the Spiral Abyss by making sure they have their characters’ Elemental Bursts ready when needed most.

Some chambers are more difficult than others, and a player who goes into a difficult stage with no Elemental Bursts is at a stark disadvantage.

Chamber 11-1 is an example of a stage where players often bide their time to ensure they have their Bursts ready for 11-2, which is notoriously difficult.

A good approach is to use Bursts sparingly in 11-1, possibly just once at the chamber's beginning. This way, players can save any useful crowd control or paralyzing effects for 11-2, which are almost necessary to perfectly clearing the chamber.

#5 - Learn iframes

Fischl dodging attacks from Hilichurls in Genshin Impact
Fischl dodging attacks from Hilichurls in Genshin Impact

Though Genshin Impact has a very attack-heavy meta, the Spiral Abyss allows no food consumption on the floor, forcing players to be more cautious of enemy attacks. Players can achieve new defensive capabilities when iframes are mastered.

iframes allow players who keep a close eye to dash through an attack. By doing this correctly, players can dash at the last possible second, moving their character’s hitbox through an enemy attack while taking zero damage.

Learning a character’s iframes makes for combat efficiency. Since many Spiral Abyss trials are timed, this can prove very useful for players climbing to the top.

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The Spiral Abyss is the biggest challenge for late-game players as of now in Genshin Impact. It’s common for players to log a handful of attempts on a floor to clear efficiently.

Fortunately, stars are never lost in the Spiral Abyss, so players can confidently replay different floors without worrying about underperforming in already-cleared chambers.

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