Top 5 tips to land accurate headshots in PUBG Mobile Lite

Sharing the best tips to land accurate headshots on enemies in PUBG Mobile Lite
Sharing the best tips to land accurate headshots on enemies in PUBG Mobile Lite
Modified 02 May 2021

The fastest way to eliminate opponents in a battle royale game is by landing headshots, and PUBG Mobile Lite is no exception to this rule.

This scaled-down variant of PUBG Mobile is designed to be less hardware-intensive and can be played on low-end mobile devices, which gives the game a much larger reach in the mobile gaming industry.

PUBG Mobile Lite tries to provide players with the same level of gameplay and competition that PUBG Mobile offers players. One of the best ways to get an edge over the competition is to become proficient in delivering headshots.

Here's a look at some of the ways players can improve their accuracy and land more headshots every round.

Best tips to perform accurate headshots in PUBG Mobile Lite

#1 - Try out the control settings

Three-finger claw layout settings for PUBG Mobile Lite
Three-finger claw layout settings for PUBG Mobile Lite

The first thing players should figure out is what controls suit them best. PUBG Mobile Lite allows players to use two, three, or four fingers to control the character movement. Each of these settings have their own advantages and disadvantages so players should try them out to find a good fit.

Using two fingers is the simplest setup and highly dependent on the phone's gyroscope setting. The three and four-finger claw improve accuracy by providing easier control over the recoil of the weapon.

#2 - Optimize and adjust the best sensitivity settings

High gyroscope sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile Lite
High gyroscope sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile Lite

Having a good sensitivity setting is necessary while aiming for headshots in the game. It allows players to be fast with their aim while dragging the crosshair from the body to the head.

Camera sensitivity is another important setting for players. The camera sensitivity in each view varies, and finding the correct amount of sensitivity for each view must be carefully selected.

The third-person camera, red dot, and holographic sight can have high sensitivity, while the camera for the 3x, 4x, and 6x scope will need to be lower as they are naturally more sensitive.

The gyroscope detects the motion of the device and helps players to control the recoil accordingly. It's why players should make sure they find their sweet spot when it comes to this setting. Intermediate players can enable gyroscope sensitivity to get a more flexible and beneficial output while performing headshots.

#3 - Practice in the Arcade modes

Practice in Payload mode in PUBG Mobile Lite
Practice in Payload mode in PUBG Mobile Lite

To get a match-like feel, players can try out the Payload mode. Payload mode is an Arcade mode that hosts the same battle royale experience as a Classic match but offers extra features such as helicopters, RPG launchers, etc. This will give players a real battle royale experience while they work on their aim improvement for headshots.

Taking headshots on actual opponents boosts the confidence of players and prepares them for real battle royale matches.

#4 - Equip the best loadout

For better aim and more accurate headshots in PUBG Mobile Lite, one of the most crucial factors that assist in reducing recoil is the attachments.

Players can equip attachments like vertical or half-grips (reduces vertical recoil) compensators, (stabilizes the aim) and magazines, etc. Several other attachments can improve the range and damage as well.

Depending on the weapon and the player's gameplay style, these can vary. However, players should experiment and try to find the perfect attachments for their weapons. This increases the chances of scoring headshots with minimal recoil while firing.

#5 - Practice consistently

Practice and consistency are the key. For landing accurate headshots and having a better overall aim in PUBG Mobile Lite, players must consistently practice on the training ground and grind with the settings they find most suitable.

With constant practice, they will slowly master the skill of landing more headsets on enemies.

Note: These are some of the tips that the writer finds beneficial. Every player has their gameplay preferences.

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Published 02 May 2021
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