Top 5 F1 23 tips and tricks to win more races

F1 23 presents a wide range of groundbreaking elements that provides an authentic racing game experience (Image via EA)
F1 23 offers a notable feature where you can customize your car's performance according to your preferences (Image via EA)

F1 23 has introduced a wide array of gameplay features, redesigned mechanics, refined driving physics, and a range of customization choices. It aims to provide a genuine racing encounter tailored specifically for devoted fans of the series. Although many are well acquainted with F1 games and their various elements, newcomers can benefit from valuable customization techniques that can assist them in achieving victory in races.

F1 23 offers a notable feature where they can customize their car's performance according to their preferences. Moreover, the title provides them with the option to modify the difficulty levels of AI opponents. This can enhance their likelihood of winning races by effectively utilizing functions such as modifying presets and customizing components.

Understanding these properly will greatly enhance their chances of winning races in F1 23. Each track demands a specific car setup, but with a solid grasp of handling and controlling cars at different speeds, victory is within their reach. This article provides valuable tips that they can utilize to achieve easy victories in races in F1 23.

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Custom setup and 4 other F1 23 tips to win more races

1) Balanced Preset


If you're new to F1 23 and want to fully experience the precise handling of a car on tracks, then this is the ideal choice for you. In the Select and Customize menu, you'll find six options that pertain to choosing and personalizing your own setup. One of these options is the Balanced Preset, which eliminates the need to tune your car's components.

By choosing this option, you can enjoy a seamless gameplay experience in F1 23. Jumping straight into the customization feature may be hasty and could complicate the settings further, so it's recommended to utilize the Balanced Preset option. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with your car's performance and on-track responsiveness, and even observe how the AI opponents behave during races.

2) Adjust the AI difficulty


F1 23 allows you to modify the AI's difficulty level by adjusting the presented numbers in the settings, either by increasing or decreasing them. AI modification directly influences a race's outcome and how your opponents react on the circuit. Locate the Difficulty option within the Settings menu,and there you will find a tab displaying numbers. These are related to the Maximum and Minimum difficulties.

The simplest AI difficulty falls within the range of 20-39, but if you want more challenge on the tracks, you can simply increase the stat. Begin with a few races on easy difficulty, and gradually raise the difficulty to acquaint yourself with more challenging races as you gain confidence with the controls. This option is perfect for boosting your confidence, enabling you to competently face any level of difficulty in racing.

3) Assists


Understanding how to control a car on the tracks is very important. The ability to handle your vehicle effectively during races greatly influences your chances of winning. Even if your opponent overtakes you, it's essential to remain confident and execute smart overtaking maneuvers without panicking. To enhance your control skills, access the Settings menu and navigate to the Assists option.

The Dynamic Racing Line option in the Assists menu proves to be highly beneficial here. Once enabled, it provides assistance regarding optimal acceleration and braking points on tracks. The Assist feature offers a range of driving options, accompanied by a Description tab providing detailed explanations for each choice.

Take the time to read all the information, as it offers valuable insights into your car's performance and other technical aspects. Whether it's improving your driving proficiency or information regarding Traction Control, the Assists option offers a multitude of helpful features.

4) Time Trial


Time Trial serves as a practice mode aimed at familiarizing you with various aspects of a track, such as conditions, temperatures, and other valuable characteristics. By frequently engaging in Time Trial mode, you become increasingly accustomed to the tracks, which translates into improved performance during races.

Additionally, it aids in refining your braking and acceleration timing, allowing you to enhance your overall driving performance. In essence, Time Trials offers valuable insights into the fundamental elements of typical F1 23 races.

5) Custom setup


In the Car Setup feature, you have the ability to personalize various technical components of your car. It allows you to make adjustments to your car's Aerodynamics, Transmission, Suspension Geometry, Suspension, Brakes, and Tyres.

  • The Aerodynamic configuration allows you to modify the front and rear wings of your car. These wings play a crucial role in maintaining balance while driving at high speeds.
  • The Transmission setups consist of adjustments to the differential and how the rear wheels work together during acceleration and deceleration. This setup determines the car's behavior when navigating corners and the level of traction available when exiting a turn.
  • The Geometry Setups enable you to tune tire chamber and determine their mechanical grip.
  • The Suspension Setups dictate how your car responds to bumps and aggressive braking.
  • The Brake setup influences the braking performance of your car, including the option to adjust brake bias, which determines the distribution of braking force between the front and rear brakes.
  • The Tyres setup allows you to regulate the rate at which your tires heat up and their overall temperature while on the track. Adjusting tire pressure is essential to prevent overheating and premature wear during a race.

It is recommended to utilize this option after gaining knowledge about the fundamental aspects of your car's performance on different tracks. Once you become familiar with various races, track conditions, driving techniques, and AI responses, allocate some time to tune your ride.

However, it's important to be cautious when making modifications as even minor alterations can significantly impact your vehicle's overall performance in F1 23.

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