Which topping to use with Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Herb Cookie is a healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)
Herb Cookie is a healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom's gameplay has a particular need for a good healer on every team in almost every game mode, as survival is an essential factor. Cookies need to be kept alive for them to be able to fulfill their roles, and the difficulty of this task increases as players progress.

Herb Cookie is an Epic rarity healer part of many team compositions at the highest ranks. This article explores the various toppings gamers should use with Herb Cookie to get the most value from him.

Best topping for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Herb Cookie has been available to play since Cookie Run: Kingdom's launch and has managed to stay in the meta even after the release of very popular support cookies like Mint Choco and other newer healers like Pure Vanilla Cookie.

The main reason is his applications in PvP, where his "Sunny Garden" ability can cleanse all allies from any debuffs the enemy team might have set upon them. Steady overtime healing is also an essential consideration for PvP and Guild Battle.

Herb Cookie's popularity in Cookie Run: Kingdom's parent game, Ovenbreak, can also be considered a factor for his presence in the game's meta.

Toppings for healers typically tend to focus on reducing their cooldown so that allies can be healed as many times as possible, and a similar formula should be used for Herb Cookie as well.

While individual playstyles should be considered while using toppings, a full Swift Chocolate Build is the standard preferred topping for Herb Cookie.

Swift Chocolate vs Searing Raspberry for Herb Cookie in CRK


As mentioned earlier, the Swift Chocolate build, focused on reducing cooldown, is a general build for Herb Cookie. Five Epic Swift Chocolate Toppings (available on stage 9-21 in World Exploration) will reduce his cooldown from 17 to 14.

If users first max out their Herb Cookie (Lv.60), then the cooldown is already at 13, and these toppings will reduce it further to 11. This is the lowest cooldown possible for any healer class cookie.

A new build slowly gaining popularity is using Searing Raspberry toppings for healers. Earlier, this topping was only used to increase DMG substats in DPS Cookies, but a recent post in the r/Cookie Run: Kingdom Reddit forum showed how it could increase core substats for other classes as well.

A Full Searing Raspberry build can increase healing stats for Herb Cookie by anywhere between 25% to 40% depending on which PvE level is being played or what the enemy team consists of in PvP. This puts his healing capabilities on par with Pure Vanilla Cookie, widely considered the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

It is up to players to decide if their team requires more consistent healing throughout the game (Swift Chocolate for reduced cooldown) or bigger heals at larger intervals (Searing Raspberry for increased healing).

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