Who is the best healer for new Cookie Run: Kingdom players?

Custard Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)
Custard Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom's gameplay has been designed to ensure that every team has to be balanced, and each Cookie in the team has an equally important role in the team's performance output.

This can be challenging for new players as they do not have the resources to unlock and invest in multiple cookies but are soon facing levels too difficult for the "starter squad" to handle (read more about what the starter squad here).

This article will discuss the best Healer for Cookie Run: Kingdom beginners to help them make wiser investments.

Best Healer for beginners in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Currently, there are a total of 9 Cookies that can be used as healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This includes the 5 Healing Cookies and 4 Support Cookies, whose major application is their healing capabilities.

7 of these 9 Cookies are of Epic Rarity, meaning they cannot be easily obtained by a new player, certainly not without several in-game purchases. This leaves us with two cookies, namely Angel Cookie and Custard Cookie III.

Angel Cookie is a Common Rarity cookie, so she is fairly easy to obtain, but players automatically receive Custard Cookie III after completing Lv. 1-3. The latter is a Rare Cookie whose healing capabilities are way ahead of Angel Cookie.

This means that Custard Cookie III is the best Healer for new Cookie Run: Kingdom players.

Custard Cookie III in Cookie Run: Kingdom - All you need to know


The Cookie's in-game description reads:

"Even before the custard on his head started to take shape, this little Cookie dreamed of becoming a glorious king, worth of the title borne by the greatest rulers of the past. Custard Cookie III, as he prefers to call himself, may not rule anything yet, but looking at how active he is at waving his scepter and giving orders, it is only a matter of time before he sits on a real throne. And his determination is remarkable! Made of simple colored paper, his royal regalia looked so realistic that even the notorious Chili Pepper Cookie got confused once! These days, Custard Cookie III is busy recruiting supporters to witness his future crowning. Perhaps you could become one of them?"

The game's lore supports the Cookie's ongoing nickname in the community as "Mini Pure Vanilla Cookie." Pure Vanilla is currently the best Healer in the game, and Custard Cookie III is understood to be a budget version of the same.

Pure Vanilla is the reigning queen of the Vanilla Kingdom, and Custard Cookie III is also part of the royalty of the same, giving the latter the brief connection he wanted to declare himself to be the next king.

Statistics of Custard Cookie III in Cookie Run: Kingdom


His "King's Favor" skill has him healing two Cookies with the lowest HP and casting a shield over the team, which absorbs damage for a short while.

  • 16 second base Cooldown
  • Healing: 113.0% of ATK (+2.15% per level)
  • Shield: absorbs 10.0% of max HP for 3.0 sec

While the stats may not be formidable, players must take into account that as a starting healer, Rare Cookie requires less of an investment to be upgraded. His toppings are more easily available, and there is no cost involved in obtaining him.

Additionally, these stats are more than enough to easily pull teams through the earlier stages of Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE.

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