Trainwrecks reveals the staggering amount of money he has given away in 2021

Trainwrecks reveals the amount of money he's given away in 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Trainwrecks reveals the amount of money he's given away in 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tyler Faraz Niknam, better known by his online alias Trainwrecks, became a philanthropic streamer in 2021. During one of his most recent tweets, the American Twitch streamer revealed the amount of money he's given away to friends and viewers so far.

250K giveaway is tonight or Friday night, and return of the podcast is tomorrow night, this 250K will put me at 4 million dollars given away overall (NOT including sponsor giveaways, charities, or tips to my friends) crazy as fuck 馃

He gave CDL pro Crimsix $20k as a wedding gift, StableRonaldo鈥檚 mom a Bitcoin to the value of $64k, and gave a similar one Bitcoin donation to Buddha as well after his mother passed away.

The streamer recently announced his plan to give away $250,000 and announced how he would cross a mind-boggling milestone after doing so.

Trainwrecks revealed how he has almost given away an astounding $4 million in 2021. Naturally, several streamers tweeted to show their support and appreciation for the philanthropic streamer.

@Trainwreckstv There鈥檚 some that do, and there鈥檚 some that don鈥檛. 馃
@Trainwreckstv Insane bro 馃枻 keep changing the Wrld
@Trainwreckstv You鈥檙e a goat bro
@Trainwreckstv Thanks for helping others! Youve a good heart bro

Trainwrecks donates $64,000 in Bitcoin to StableRonaldo's mom

The popular American streamer urged Ronaldo to get his mother on the call. so he could have a chat with her. The conversation was going great until the topic of the conversation shifted to Bitcoin. Ron's mother revealed how she didn't have a Bitcoin wallet, but her son did. Here's how Trainwrecks responded:

鈥淚鈥檓 going to give you $64,000 [1 Bitcoin], you can cash it out if you want, but half is for you and half is for your son. But I suggest you get access to his wallet and hold it for him, so he doesn鈥檛 do anything stupid.鈥

Ron and his mother would then see the amount credited to his wallet. Naturally, they were pretty overwhelmed and struggled to hold back their tears. They thanked Train for his generosity and Ronaldo's mother revealed how the amount would definitely change their lives.

Here's how she reacted:

鈥淢y dog is having surgery in two weeks, I鈥檓 buying out my business partner, I鈥檓 trying to catch up on all the bills that I owe.鈥

Furthermore, Trainwrecks is also one of the most prominent gambling streamers on the purple platform.

Gambling streams have been a matter of great concern on the Amazon-owned platform. Despite receiving criticism from streamers, including Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker and Imane "Pokimane" Anys, the 30-year-old has found it difficult to put an end to his shenanigans. He has lost a lot of money in the process and has lashed out at streamers who keep winning every day, dubbing them "frauds." Either way, the community strongly supports him because of his incredibly philanthropic wholesome streams.

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