TSM Myth reveals that he resolved issues with xQc at Sh*tcamp

TSM Myth and xQc resolve issues after big online beef (Image via Sportskeeda)
TSM Myth and xQc resolve issues after big online beef (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

The Ludwig and QTCinderella hosted Sh*tcamp united many prominent streamers like TSM Myth, xQc, EsfandTV and more. The event may have concluded this year, but it gave fans tons of content and entertainment during the time that the streamers spent together.

Amidst everything, one of the key highlights that fans could not help but notice was that TSM Myth and xQc seemed to be interacting pretty well with each other. This came as a surprise to many since there was a huge fallout on the Rust server after xQc had accused Myth of stream-sniping.


However, in a stream on October 1, Myth revealed that things are alright between him and the Juicer.

TSM Myth answers question about his relationship with xQc off-camera

During a stream after the end of Sh*tcamp, TSM Myth received a question asking him what his interaction with xQc was like off-camera. The streamer then recounted that the first thing he did when he stepped into the house was ask xQc if they were okay.

"Yo Felix, we cool?"

He proceeded to mimic xQc and repeat what he said, which basically boiled down to the fact that they were alright. xQc revealed that he said what he said in the heat of the moment.

Myth explained that he had it in his mind to make sure things were not awkward between him and xQc since they had to spend the next four days together.

"I wasn’t going to be in that house for four days and just not bring it up. I just wanted to make sure we were cool. Honestly, we weren’t real friends before this, we didn’t really interact. My first genuine interaction with him was him sh**ting on me in Rust."

It's good to see that the two streamers have resolved their issues and they seem to have had quite a blast at Sh*tcamp with each other as well.

Now that things are okay between the two streamers, fans can expect to see them streaming together more often.

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