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Twitch Streamer afraid to compliment girls because his girlfriend was watching, comes up with a genius solution

(Image Credit: Naji001)
(Image Credit: Naji001)
Modified 19 Nov 2020, 10:12 IST

Twitch streamer Naji001 was watching YouTube clips with what appeared to be girls from "Love Island," when he had to worry about his girlfriend watching him.

Naji001 was watching a clip of girls from "Love Island" (timestamp: 02:54:54) when his chat was inevitably commenting on the girl's looks. Naji001 was noticeably silent, as he was watching the clip and reading his own chat.

Instead of speaking out loud about it, he brought up an application like wordpad for his stream to see and he began to type. Essentially, he said that his girlfriend was sitting next to him, but that the girls in the clips were extremely attractive.

What he said was a bit more vulgar, but the point remains. Naji001 used wordpad as a solution to watching clips of the girls on his stream, with his girlfriend next to him and oblivious.

Twitch streamer Naji001 caught by girlfriend

Once Naji001 starts typing out to the stream, he can't help but laugh at the situation. As his laughing picks up, it's short lived, and all of a sudden he begins to quiet down. On the Twitch stream, his eyes go wide and he frantically begins to look around the screen.

Within seconds, Naji001 exits out of the tab with the clip and tries to get rid of the wordpad app as well. He does it all without saying a word and looking around like something happened.


It becomes clear he's talking to his girlfriend, and he seems to jokingly and nervously laugh as he looks her way. After more laughter, he begins to repeat "what" to her, likely in the hopes that she had no idea what he was up to on the Twitch stream. That however, wasn't the case.

Naji001 looks over further to his left and sees his girlfriend's screen. She had his Twitch stream open on the laptop as he was attempting to fly under her radar.

Of course, that sends Naji001 into an even harder fit of laughter, as he realizes he was being watched the whole time. He clearly got some fun out of the ordeal, and he repeated "clip it" to his Twitch chat multiple times afterwards. Hopefully he doesn't end up on the couch for the next week.

Published 19 Nov 2020, 02:52 IST
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