Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff joins OTK, fans lose their minds

A new streamer announcement from OTK (Image via OTKnetwork on Twitter)
A new streamer announcement from OTK (Image via OTKnetwork on Twitter)

OTK, officially known as One True King, is a gaming content creation company, and it has just added another member. BruceDropEmOff is a very popular Twitch streamer, and he has joined an incredibly talented roster of gamers and content creators.

Streamers like Asmongold, Mizkif and Jschlatt are already on the OTK roster that hasn't seen a new introduction since Emiru in early January. This is a huge move for both the group and BruceDropEmOff as both will benefit from this partnership.

It's a surprise that BruceDropEmOff was available for so long, but OTK was able to sign him. Fans have gone wild over the news.

BruceDropEmOff joins stacked OTK roster, sends fans into a frenzy

The news has reached all corners of the gaming world, with several other streamers chiming in with their support for the move.

The initial announcement tweet has already garnered a lot of reactions, with over two thousand retweets and nearly 23 thousand likes at the time of writing.

OTK 🀞 DEOWelcome @raycondones to OTK πŸ‘‘

Bruce himself was excited to share the news.

@OTKnetwork I'm taking my boys out the hood!!!!

Asmongold is pleased to welcome another talented streamer to the team.

NMPlol, another prominent streamer, is excited about the move.

HYPEX, a very famous Fortnite player and leaker, was excited to hear the announcement.

ConnorEatsPants, a streamer who just competed in the MCC 20 event, is a big fan of Bruce and a few other members.

One user was glad to see the group getting a little more diverse.

Another streamer hopes to see that continue, preferably with themselves.

@OTKnetwork @raycondones guess I'll have to be the 2nd black guy on OTK πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

YourRage couldn't contain their excitement over the move and showed support with several emojis.


Twitch streamer bnans offered their support for BruceDropEmOff's ascension and congratulated him.

Tectone is happy for the group, who is certainly adding a premier talent.

A longtime viewer of Bruce, who has seen him come up from nothing, couldn't be happier for his favorite streamer.

One Redditor stated that they knew it was a long time coming, but was still happy with the official announcement.

Streaming success can look a lot different. Many measure it by followers or subscribers. Others look at their own in-stream metrics. Money is also a big determinant of how successful a streamer is.

OTK's latest addition (Image via BruceDropEmOff)
OTK's latest addition (Image via BruceDropEmOff)

However, it's difficult not to count this as a metric of success. Many of the best streamers and content creators get signed to teams like this, and for BruceDropEmOff to do so is a good indicator of just how successful he is.

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