Twitch streamer Esfand can't stop laughing after killing 5 bots within the final circle of PUBG

Esfand killed enemies by running over them with his Buggy in PUBG (Image via Sportskeeda)
Esfand killed enemies by running over them with his Buggy in PUBG (Image via Sportskeeda)

During his latest stream, EsfandTV faced off enemies with his trusty 'Buggy' in an exciting game of PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). He drove over multiple opponents and secured 5 kills within a few seconds.

The streamer, a founder and member of the gaming and content organization One True King (OTK), couldn't stop laughing as he constantly found new victims to run over. While playing a training game with AI bots, he ultimately won the game with an easy 16 kills under his belt.

Esfand bursts out laughing while killing 5 bots in PUBG's training mode

The streamer, well-known for his hilarious personality, was playing PUBG during his latest stream. With 17 players left alive, he circled around the edge of the safe zone in his buggy, and drove over bots to eliminate them.

In his rampage's first kill, he ran over a player crouched beside a tree. He then immediately spotted a player outside the safe zone attempting to shoot at him. Laughing in a devil-like manner, he drove out to the opponent's location and faced no resistance as he ran over him.

Amused at his luck, Esfand couldn't stop laughing as he returned to the safe zone and instantly eliminated another enemy by trampling them. Racking up a total of 8 kills, 3 of which he scored within the last 10 seconds, he continued to circle his buggy around the kill zone.

The coincidence of finding enemies in such close proximity, coupled with the streamer's hilarious killing tactic, had the Twitch chat in hysterics. He continued driving his buggy towards the sounds of gunshots, and found his next victim. He secured his 4th consecutive kill while his overall tally reached 9 eliminations.

As his Twitch chat cheered him on, Esfand's buggy was suddenly attacked by gunfire. With only 10 other players left alive, he searched for the other player. The streamer immediately found his enemy standing atop a hill. The opponent found himself suffering the same fate as the ones before him and was promplty run over.

His rampage continued as he racked up a total of 14 kills in a similar fashion, after which his buggy was ultimately blown up by one of the final enemies. As the buggy burst into flames, he killed the enemy, which made him one of the final two left alive.

The streamer secured his win in PUBG (Image via Twitch/EsfandTV)
The streamer secured his win in PUBG (Image via Twitch/EsfandTV)

He ultimately won the game, having killed 16 players, achieving a well-deserved "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner."

Redditors compare Esfand to Shroud

Fans were thoroughly entertained by the hilarious kills achieved by the streamer. Mockingly appreciating his "skills," several viewers compared him to Shroud, a popular professional gamer. However, some fans also criticized PUBG developers for the high saturation of bots present in the game.

Esfand produces a variety of content, including gaming and comedy skits. Most recently, he participated in the OTK vs OTV finale of Mizkif's Twitch gameshow, Parasocial.

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