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Twitch streamer falls asleep on live stream, but her 5000 viewers had other plans 

Image Credits: Justa Minx/ YouTube
Image Credits: Justa Minx/ YouTube
Modified 20 Oct 2020, 20:54 IST

One of the most intriguing phenomenons on Twitch today is that of a 'sleep stream', where popular streamers often broadcast themselves falling asleep during a live stream.

In the past, we've seen streamers such as Asian Andy and twomad literally make tons of money while sleeping. However, it certainly doesn't come easy, as their fans can be spotted trying everything possible to disturb them, with hilarious consequences.

Another Twitch streamer who has come to be known for her sleep streams of late, is Justaminx, who has around 426K followers on Twitch and an additional 194K subscribers on YouTube. Justaminx hails from Ireland, and is often seen streaming games such as GTA and Among Us, apart from interacting with friends via the 'Just Chatting' feature.

She is also known for her love/hate relationship with fellow streamer Jschlatt, who can often be found roasting and mocking her during live streams.

Recently, Justaminx attempted yet another one of her trademark sleep streams, which ended up turning into a living nightmare for the 23-year old Twitch star.

The Justaminx Twitch sleep stream


[Timestamp: 2:26]

As it generally is with most Twitch sleep streams, we often find a streamer attempting to grab a peaceful snooze, only to be in for a rude awakening, courtesy of their notorious viewers, who chime in with all kinds of insults and sounds.

A similar ordeal awaited Justaminx recently during her sleep stream, as in the beginning of the video, she announces that she will be going to sleep and will interact with viewers the next morning.

Obviously, her viewers had other plans, as what follows is a no-holds barred attack upon her senses. Her audience resorts to playing jump scares and clips of her spitting at fellow streamer GeorgeNotFound.

After one particular jarring jump scare, Justaminx exclaims:

"Oh my God, that was not cool! not when I live alone dude....."

She also vents her frustration when one user plays a particularly nerve-wracking sound, which seems to go on endlessly :

"Why is this going on, so long? STOP, STOP.....oh my God I can hear it!"

The rest of the video is replete with unpleasant fart noises and rage clips, as viewers try to resort to every means possible to ensure that Justaminx is just not able to fall back to sleep.

Her frustration even gets the better of her at one point, as she screams:

"Go to hell! I'm literally not f*****g waking up, I'm going back to go away, I don't care. "

She also flips off her viewers numerous times and by the time morning finally comes, an exhausted Minx grudgingly wakes up and ends the Twitch stream by saying:

"I don't want to wake up, I'm tired, I'M TIRRED. ...I'm going to go get my coffee."

Having said that, Justaminx's general response to a sleep stream seems to be best encapsulated via this fan's artwork:

Published 20 Oct 2020, 20:54 IST
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