Twitch streamer Maya left bemused after getting thoroughly outplayed by a bird

A Twitch streamer had a hilarious interaction with one of her pets (Image via Twitch)
A Twitch streamer had a hilarious interaction with one of her pets (Image via Twitch)
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Twitch streamer Maya recently posted a video that encapsulates an interesting interaction between her and one of her pets. As many of her fans know, Maya keeps several birds around and has an affinity for them.

@MGLnrd Thank you Maya💙🙏 I’m not the only one, we’re all on multiple projects, struggling to find an inner balance. By the way Twitch is the book that’s keeping me company before sleep. I just love it, and I’m learning lots of new English words about birds! 🪶

One of her birds pulled a fast one and outsmarted the streamer while filming. Afterward, it hopped away triumphantly. The streamer frequently showcases her birds in many of her videos, but this proves how intelligent birds can be when she puts her guard down.

Maya gets outsmarted by her pet bird live on stream

While handing out Christmas treats to her birds, Maya stood by as one wholly ignored the paper roll gift, walked over to one in her hand, likely meant for one of the other birds, and unraveled it in seconds. She stood and gasped at the bird's crafty intelligence.

Audience reaction to the bird's intelligence (Image via Reddit)
Audience reaction to the bird's intelligence (Image via Reddit)

The Reddit page that brought the clip to light had a couple of comments from viewers that made light of the situation with the streamer and her birds. Because the first present didn't seem as enticing, her pet bird took matters into its own hands and seemingly laughed at her while retreating behind the cage.

Let it go down in twitch history i never simped for a twitch streamer before but maya and gig are just to perfect man 😔 i failed. I lost to bird girl and frog girl 😔

The streamer is generally known as 'the internet bird girl' and has attracted attention given her pets' living conditions. Some have joked that it's a bird prison. Viewers raced to clip her stream and make it viral for others to comment on.

The audience routinely remarks on how her videos are gold mines for clips and evokes plenty of reactions from the audience. Jokes about her and her birds pop up each time she streams, given the shenanigans that occur in her house.

Her pets and funny videos strengthen her influence, bringing thousands of viewers to her channel that frequently raises awareness and money for charity.

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