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Twitter erupts as Ned Luke mentions xQc in a tweet after the streamer nearly passed out during GTA 5 bank heist

Ned Luke recently gave a shoutout to xQc on Twitter
Ned Luke recently gave a shoutout to xQc on Twitter
Modified 27 Mar 2021

In an unexpected crossover, GTA 5's very own Ned Luke, aka Michael De Santa, recently sent fans into a frenzy after he mentioned popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel in a tweet.

The 62-year-old actor took to Twitter to share a word of advice for xQc, who recently grabbed headlines after he almost passed out during an intense bank heist in GTA 5's popular RP multi-player mod:

In the tweet, he tagged xQc and shared a thoughtful message for the streamer:

"Slow and steady Q, slow and steady xQc"

Having amassed a stellar following for his visceral portrayal of Michael De Santa in GTA 5, Ned Luke's recent tweet soon invited a slew of responses from the online community as well as xQc himself.

xQc reacts to Ned Luke's mention of him in viral tweet

In a clip from his most recent stream, xQc was left visibly excited after being notified about Ned Luke's recent mention of him on Twitter.


Upon seeing the tweet, xQc couldn't help but smile as he commented:

"That's crazy dude! That's actually sick!"

He also retweeted Ned Luke's original tweet by adding his own caption, which simply said "REAL."

This entire interaction stems back to when xQc ended up feeling the stress of an intense bank heist during a game of GTA 5 RP.


On account of the high-stakes heist, his stress reached a point where his heart monitor witnessed a sudden spike on account of his rising heart rate, which had skyrocketed to a worrisome 170 BPM.

After he eventually managed to compose himself, xQc spoke about how he actually thought he was going to pass out from the stress, as he felt his peripheral vision blacking out:

"Too stressed out, my heart was going so fast, I couldn't think , the blood was rushing out of my head , my vision was f*cking blacking out dude. Oh my God man, I've never been this stressed before."

After a stressful experience, xQc finally had something to smile about, courtesy of Ned Luke's recent tweet.

Here's how Twitter reacted to the situation:


As reactions kept pouring in, a couple of fans also urged Ned Luke to join the GTA NoPixel server and play as none other than Michael De Santa himself.

While that may be a distant dream for the time being, xQc will surely take to his next GTA RP stream with reinvigorated energy, having just received advice from the master of heists himself.

Published 27 Mar 2021, 11:56 IST
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