Twitter goes berserk after Fortnite player Sin says the N-word while showing off his gun collection

A Fortnite player goes on a racist rant while showing off his guns (Image via Sportskeeda)
A Fortnite player goes on a racist rant while showing off his guns (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

The livestreaming and gaming community on Twitter went berserk earlier today when Sin, a professional Fortnite player, said the N-word in a small 12-second long clip while showing off his gun collection.

The Fortnite player was being openly racist in the short clip and has since gone viral on the social media platform. The clip received close to 200k views within a few hours of being posted.

Due to immense backlash from the community, he has allegedly disabled his Twitter account. His controversial tweets have since been removed from the social media platform.

Twitter reacts to Fortnite player Sin being racist

On May 23, a Twitter post by esports journalist and commentator Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky went viral after he shared a short clip featuring the Fortnite player. In the clip, the gamer can be heard saying the following:

"Just in case there's a zombie apocalypse or a n****r outbreak, we got the armory n***a! We got the armory! Got the ammo and the pistols."
Actually insane that people like this exist in the space. Fortnite player “Sin” who qualified for FNCS grand finals today openly saying he fears an “N word outbreak” while showing off his gun collectionWhat the actual fk

After his clip went viral, the Fortnite player confirmed that it was him in the clip and doubled down on his take by providing a more offensive stance while trying to justify his racist tone in the 12-second long clip. The tweet has since been deleted as his Twitter account is no longer available.

Fortnite player responding to the fans about his racist viral video (Image via Sin3278/Twitter)
Fortnite player responding to the fans about his racist viral video (Image via Sin3278/Twitter)

Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer Av stated that Epic Games already knows about the accused player and has not taken any action against him.

@JakeSucky Epic Games has had information about this man for a week and no enforcement/punishment have happened yet. Since the initial video has been tweeted, he and all of his friends involved have played and qualified through multiple rounds of tournaments. Horrible look for the company.
@JakeSucky sad thing is epic isn’t gonna do anything abt it

Some Twitter users stated that racist players like him are the reason why the mainstream media dislikes the Fortnite community.

@JakeSucky Coming from someone who’s in the fortnite community, this is why everyone hates the fortnite community.

Fans mentioned how the Fortnite player ruined his gaming career through the short clip.

@JakeSucky Ended his own career with a 10 second vid

The gaming community celebrated after they came to know that his account had been disabled.

@JakeSucky @JakeSucky annnnnd he’s deleted 🤣🤣🤣
@JakeSucky Man just deleted his Twitter account too.

A few Twitter users pointed out controversial YouTubers Daniel "Keemstar" and IShowSpeed and stated how their respective fans were absent from the conversation thread.

@JakeSucky Speed and Keemstar fans real quiet right now

Twitter user zack (@zarrs1x) mentioned the way the gamer had stockpiled his arsenal and stated that it was not the correct way to keep ammunition and firearms together.

@JakeSucky Anyone who has been educated on firearms know not to store ammo and firearms together, and to have them locked up and put away unless you’re carrying or have easy access spots only you or your significant other know about.

The person in talks was due to compete in the official Fortnite Competitive series and was a semi-final contender to play in the fourth game.

Who's going to win #FNCS C3S2 next week? 😎

At the time of writing, no comment has been made on the cancellation of his participation. The Fortnite player's Twitter account has reportedly been banned, and all of his prior tweets and messages have been removed from the social media platform.

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