UnGraduate Gamer's Free Fire ID, total subscribers, monthly income, channel views, and more

UnGraduate Gamer
UnGraduate Gamer's Free Fire ID is 256205699
Modified 04 May 2021

Over the last few years, Free Fire content creators have witnessed significant growth on numerous platforms and have achieved incredible feats. Ayush Dubey, also known by his in-game name UnGraduate Gamer, is among the leading Indian Free Fire content creators.

The streamer boasts 6.15 million subscribers, out of which 410k have been accumulated in the last 30 days. His view count stands at 533 million and the previous month itself accounts for 67 million views.

This article looks at his Free Fire ID, stats, income, subscriber count, and more.

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UnGraduate Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 256205699.

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats
Lifetime stats

UnGraduate Gamer has played 26027 squad matches and has a win tally of 6525, ensuring a win rate of 25.07%. He has notched 90021 kills for a K/D ratio of 4.62.

The YouTuber has 106 Booyahs in 618 duo games, approximating a win percentage of 17.15%. With 1513 kills, he has maintained a K/D ratio of 2.96.

UnGraduate Gamer has 662 solo matches against his name and has a win tally of 148, translating to a win rate of 22.35%. He has eliminated 2364 foes, sustaining a K/D ratio of 4.60.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

UnGraduate Gamer has participated in 326 squad games and has triumphed in 134 of them, leading to a win rate of 41.10%. He has notched 1574 kills, at a K/D ratio of 8.20.

The content creator has played a single duo match and has a 100%-win rate. In this match, he has eight frags for a K/D ratio of 8.

UnGraduate Gamer has 51 solo games to his name and has remained unbeaten in 14 of them, which adds up to a win rate of 27.45%. He has secured 155 kills and sustained a K/D ratio of 4.19.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.

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UnGraduate Gamer
UnGraduate Gamer's yearly income

According to Social Blade, the estimations for UnGraduate Gamer's monthly YouTube earnings is around $16.9K - $270.6K. Meanwhile, the approximate yearly earnings are $203K - $3.2M.

YouTube channel

Ayush's YouTube channel has grown considerably in the last few years. He touched the milestone of 100k subscribers back in February 2019 and crossed the 1 million mark in September 2019. The player uploads various Free Fire-related videos to his channel and frequently streams the popular battle royale title.

He currently has 6.15 million subscribers and 533 million views.

Click here to visit his YouTube channel.

Social media handles

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

Twitter: Click here

UnGraduate Gamer also has a Discord server that players can join by clicking here.

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Published 04 May 2021
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