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User beware, scam sites are using Among Us to trick players

(Example of an Among Us scam website)
(Example of an Among Us scam website)
Modified 14 Nov 2020, 02:42 IST

Whenever anything becomes popular enough, like Among Us has, scammers are soon to follow with vague promises to trick players.

Lately, variations on the phrase “amongfun” or “amongusfun” have been trending. These sites often promise to identify imposters in games, but are much more likely to lead to identity theft than any kind of in game advantage.

Among Us is the bait, players are the fish

The tragic reality is that not everyone will know whether a site is malicious or not, either because they are young and naïve, or because they simply do not have enough experience telling legitimate sites apart from scams.

Many of these sites are carefully designed to trick players, often using assets from the games themselves to appear as though they are associated with the game in some way. In general, you can tell if the site is a scam by whether or not it asks users to input any kind of information, and whether or not it is any way associated with a legitimate source.

For example, the “amongfun” website seems to ask for players to input their username so that the site can locate their game and identify the imposters. However, Among Us doesn’t have accounts and multiple players can have the same usernames across separate lobbies, making this a useless way to search for a game. Additionally, the website has no relation to any single legitimate source at all.

By comparison, the Among Us fan wiki asks users for no personal or identifying information while providing freely available information about the game to anyone who wants it. Furthermore, the Among Us wiki even freely admits that it is not associated with Innersloth in any way, instead hooking its legitimacy on the recognizability of the Wiki name.

Avoid scam sites at all costs


It should be obvious that there is nothing to be gained by engaging with a scam website, but the dangers go further than that. Some scam sites are neutral, using tricks to retain user attention in the hopes of driving up traffic, but there is always a risk that one is more actively destructive.

Never ever give a website personal information unless it is guaranteed to be legitimate. No names, no addresses, no credit card information, nothing that could possibly be used to help someone else steal from hapless victims.

It’s a shame that Among Us is being used to target people like this, but its not too unexpected either. All that can be said is that users should be careful, and if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Published 14 Nov 2020, 02:42 IST
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