Valheim player builds a state-of-the-art Colosseum, leaves fans in awe

The Roman Colosseum in Valheim (Image via u/MichTheViech)
The Roman Colosseum in Valheim (Image via u/MichTheViech)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

A bunch of Valheim players have gone on to create an iconic in-game replica of the Roman Colosseum.

After pulling off structures like the Millennium Falcon, a strip club, and others, Valheim has now witnessed an exact replica of the Roman Colosseum. The Roman Colosseum's construction began in the year 72 AD by emperor Vespasian, and it was finally completed in the year 80 AD under emperor Titus.

As the name suggests, the Roman Colosseum can be found at the center of the city of Rome in Italy and still boasts of being the largest ancient amphitheater in the entire world. Nevertheless, Redditor u/MichTheViech recently revealed a life-size replica of the iconic structure in the Viking-themed realm of Valheim.

Needless to say, fans loved this rendition of the Colosseum in Valheim as the comments section on u/MichTheViech's were overflowing in praise and admiration of the player's efforts.

Here's a digital walkthrough of the Roman Colosseum in Valheim:


Player builds Colosseum in Valheim

According to the Redditor, the Colosseum is a structure that the all-father, Odin himself, has ordered them to build. Given that Valheim is a Viking-themed sandbox-survival game, the inclusion of a Roman structure on the map might not be the most historically accurate representation.

Nevertheless, due to Valheim's unique building mechanics, it is possible for players to build any structure they desire. As has been repeated multiple times, the only limitation for a player's designing and building abilities in Valheim is their own imagination.

In spite of the game's mechanics, it goes without saying that the amount of time and effort invested by u/MichTheViech deserves applause from the community. However, judging by how brilliant the entire structure appears to be, it feels safe to say that the entire effort was definitely worth it.

(Image via r/Valheim)
(Image via r/Valheim)
(Image via r/Valheim)
(Image via r/Valheim)
(Image via r/Valheim)
(Image via r/Valheim)

From making quirky remarks about the Roman civilization to applauding the accurate detailing inside the structure, the entire community was left in awe.

With all that said, the developers at Iron Gate Studios deserve the credit for creating such unique and interactive building-mechanics in Valheim. Given that Valheim also features a ton of combat-related scenarios, the number of players who are rather getting busy with their own structures is notably high.

This further guarantees that when the game finally undergoes its full release, there could be a lot of new features and tools that make the building experience in Valheim even more fulfilling.

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