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Valheim: Why the Workbench radius should expand based on the level of the bench

The workbench is arguably the most vital structure in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
The workbench is arguably the most vital structure in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tee Kay
Modified 19 Feb 2021

The workbench is arguably the most essential structure in Valheim, allowing players to craft and build desired items.

Based on Valheim's mechanics, the workbench has to be constructed inside an enclosed vicinity with a roof. Additionally, it can also be used to stop enemies from spawning inside the area of interest.

To upgrade the workbench's levels, players need to construct additional structures and place them inside the vicinity.

These structures include:

  • Chopping Block
  • Tanning Rack
  • Adze; and
  • Tool Shelf.

Each item increases the workbench level by +1, allowing the workbench to be upgraded four times after construction. However, the workbench's radius does not increase with upgrades, making it a bit complicated for players with bigger bases.

Most structures and buildings in Valheim need to be placed and/or used within the workbench's proximity. However, that becomes virtually impossible in cases where the player has a huge base.


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Workbench radius in Valheim

As suggested by U/Whiskey-Business on the R/Valheim subreddit, players can try and construct multiple workbenches at calculated intervals. However, the Redditor did point out that doing so is simply a "workaround" for Valheim and not an actual in-game mechanic.

The suggestion included an idea on how this scenario can be fixed. Given that Valheim is a survival sandbox experience set in Viking surroundings, it is obvious that players would eventually grow and expand their bases.

Nevertheless, since this expansion is gradual, the user suggested that the radius of the workbench should expand with each upgrade. He stated:

"It makes sense that as you are able to increase your workbench level, that you're probably progressing in the game to the point where you're not living in some hut."

Valheim's early access began on February 2nd, and the developers at Iron Gate Studios have done extremely well to win the community's trust.


However, since, at the moment, Valheim features only about 50% of the entire content that the developers have envisioned for it, a system where the workbench radius increases with each upgrade could very well be on the cards.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 14:51 IST
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