Valkyrae defends her ex-boyfriend after viewer calls him "abusive," says she never stopped loving him

Valkyrae and Sonii split up back in January 2021.
Valkyrae and Sonii split up back in January 2021.

During a live stream in the beginning of March 2021, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter revealed the reasons why she had to split with her long-term boyfriend Michael “sonii” Sherman.

Valkyrae had previously been talking about an “abusive” ex-boyfriend of hers that she previously had. One of her fans assumed that she was speaking about Michael “Sonii” Sherman.

This brought forth a detailed response by Valkyrae, as she quickly explained Sonii was not the ex-boyfriend who had been abusive to her. Instead, she revealed that she is still in “love” with him, and explained multiple reasons why the pair had to split up in January 2021.


Valkyrae defends Michael Sherman, reveals the reasons why the pair had to split up

During the live stream, Valkyrae was playing Valorant when one of her viewers talked about Michael Sherman. The streamer had previously mentioned an experience that she had had with an “abusive” ex-boyfriend. However, Valkyrae was quick to defend Michael, and said that she was still in love with him.

“Sonii was not. Sonii did nothing wrong ever. How dare you assume it was Sonii? I said ten years ago. This was my ex-ex, from a long time ago that was I was talking about. Sonii did nothing wrong. I love Sonii. Please, please be kind to him.”

Valkyrae and Michael ended up splitting earlier this year after a four-year relationship. She rued the fact that people and her audience tend to assume that she is talking about Sonii whenever she mentions an ex-boyfriend. She defended her fellow content creators and explained why they had to break up.

“What happened with Sonii was more like bad timing, different paths, different priorities. He is a wonderful person, he is such an amazing guy. I am going to be honest, I never stopped loving him. I think he is an incredible person. It’s just, we are so different sometimes when it comes to like priorities and paths. I am like so busy. I admit that there were times that I was just too busy for relationships.”

Valkyrae has had an eventful last few months. She left Twitch, joined YouTube in January 2020, and also left the 100 Thieves house. The streamer is still a part of the organization, and recently revealed plans to “live on her own.” Valkyrae revealed back in March that she had been struggling with her breakup and recent career decisions.

Apart from leaving Twitch, the streamer left the 100 Thieves content creation house, and was also dealing with a difficult break-up. She revealed news about the break up during a live stream on 2 March, 2021.

“I’m not playing games right now. I just really wanted to stream and open up a bit on all of this with you. I’ve already cried gallons and gallons of tears. I’ve lost so much weight, I’m just skinny. I’ve just been so low. Michael, my boyfriend of four years, we’ve been having a lot of issues with the neighbours. anyway, he’s moving away. In the past weeks, we’ve been trying to decide whether we should still be together. It’s just not working,”

Now, as can be seen in the video above, Valkyrae has now revealed the reasons why she had to split up with Sonii. The pair had different career-paths, while Valkyrae sometimes simply did not have the time.

Towards the end, the streamer explained that she has always been a “workaholic,” and struggles to balance her private life with her work. Valkyrae currently has 3.33 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly posts videos related to the game “Among Us.”

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