“What has not streaming done to you?”: Internet reacts as Valkyrae appears to “moisturize with frosting”

Valkyrae shares a video on Twitter of her rubbing frosting on her hands (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valkyrae shares a video on Twitter of her rubbing frosting on her hands (Image via Sportskeeda)

Today streamer Valkyrae shared a video that has the internet concerned for her mental state.

Valkyrae is a popular streamer who recently announced that she may switch the platform she streams on, announcing that January 31 will be the day that she reveals her choice of platform. Since the announcement, she has not streamed, and it seems that her fans think she might be going crazy with this latest video.

The video was posted on Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter's Twitter account and showed Rachell covering her hands in frosting and rubbing it around her hands and wrists.

Along with the strange video, she asked if anyone had moisturized their hands with frosting today, prompting many to share their confused reactions.

did you moisturize with frosting today

Internet reacts to Valkyrae moisturizing her skin with frosting

The tweet was a strange thing to see for many fans, as Rae hasn't tweeted much since her break from streaming. This unexpected visual of frosting being rubbed all over her hands compelled many to reply to the tweet.

They replied with questions asking if she was all right and theorized that this is what her lack of streaming has done to her.

@itsraechill this is too far rae what has not streaming done to you??
@itsraechill What has this break done to you bro??
@itsraechill This is what not streaming did to you 😭💀 you’re losing it
@itsraechill rae its time to press that steam button 😕
@itsraechill i think you need to start streaming again you’re going crazy

Other fans shared their reactions by using memes to give a more accurate representation of how they felt. These images are a better use of the media to show their utter confusion with the strange video, with some asking why she would do this and some beseeching her to delete the video.

@itsraechill Should...Should I call someone Rae?

Many fans questioned her decision to tweet this strange video, but is she being sincere? From what can be seen in the video, it seems like she was planning to bake something using frosting but then had the strange idea to instead use the frosting on herself.

On top of the strangeness, someone other than Rae was recording the video, which means someone else either walked in on the strange scene and decided to film it or that Rae had asked them to do it so she could use it for a tweet.

Whether it's a legitimate skincare act or not, it certainly doesn't detract from the overall strangeness of the tweet, leaving fans with many questions that the streamer may never answer.

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