Valkyrae opens up about being cheated on by ex-boyfriend

Valkyrae parted with long-term partner Michael "Sonii" Sherman in January and recently said that she still has feelings for him.
Valkyrae parted with long-term partner Michael "Sonii" Sherman in January and recently said that she still has feelings for him.

In a 2020 live stream, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter spoke at length about a toxic relationship she had back in college.

In recent months, much has been said about Valkyrae’s past relationships. The YouTuber/streamer had recently hit back at a fan who had mistakenly assumed that the “toxic” relationship she was talking about was with Michael “Sonii” Sherman.

The pair split up in January 2021 after spending four years together. Valkyrae even admitted that she was still in love with Sherman, and said that he never did “anything wrong.” The following article talks about Valkyrae’s two toxic relationships from years ago.


Throwback: Valkyrae speaks about her experiences with cheating ex-boyfriend

In the 2020 stream, Valkyrae revealed that she had not one, but two, past relationships that she considers toxic. She earlier said that both relationships were mentally draining, although they helped her learn some important lessons.

Back in college, Valkyrae was in a toxic relationship that went on for about five years. The streamer revealed that she had “taken the guy back” even after he had cheated on her.

"If i could've gone back, I definitely wouldn't have gone back to him. But, would I be where I am today, if I never got back with him? I don't think so"

Valkyrae said that all of her friends back home had left for college, and it was quite a lonely time for the now popular content creator. She feared losing the one connection that she had made with her then boyfriend, and ended up getting back with him.

“I was so sad and depressed with that relationship. He cheated on me with his ex. He lied to me about everything. She came to me when he was on a camping trip and said that she was pregnant with his kid. I am having a mental breakdown for a week.”

Valkyrae revealed some unfortunate details about the relationship, and said that she had reservations about whether the girl was pregnant. Regardless, the streamer explained that she eventually found herself a job at GameStop, and took up internships to keep herself busy.

"It was a crazy time, looking back. But, because of that relationship I was so alone, I was basically working all the time. That's when I started my Instagram account."

Valkyrae started a separate gaming account on Instagram called “LegendRae,” and eventually joined Twitch in 2015. The streamer admitted that the lessons that her past relationships have taught her eventually helped her find success.

She bagged the ‘Content Creator of the Year’ award at The Game Awards 2020, and currently has 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube along with 3.1 million followers on Instagram.