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"What's up shorty": Valkyrae roasts random passerby

Image via Valkyrae
Image via Valkyrae
Modified 19 Feb 2021

While hanging out with Pokimane and Michael Reeves, Valkyrae was once called "shorty" by a man multiple times in what is an enjoyable throwback.

During a vlog, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Michael Reeves were walking down a street at night. At the beginning of the clip, in an attempt to warn Pokimane and Valkyrae about a shady passerby, Michael says, "it's your best friend in the world." Behind the trio were two men who were undoubtedly staring at the girls.

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One of the men said "hey shorty" to Rae. Rae ignored the man and folded her arms. The man repeats it and Rae ignores him again. It was clear that Rae was not interested in even engaging with the individual in question.

Pokimane tells the man, "She has a boyfriend, sorry," and he laughs, but backs off.

A few moments later, Rae can be heard saying, "you're short," which makes Michael and Pokimane laugh. When the camera turns back to Valkyrae, she looks unhappy and a little annoyed. She does not turn back around to look at the man again.


Pokimane films the man yelling out after Rae. He walks towards the trio and asks, "what do you think about my fashion?" But he gives up soon after because the group is too far away by this time.

Rae and Pokimane laughed and discussed the encounter. Rae states that the man and she are the same height. She also mentions that when they dealt with the man earlier, he said the same thing.

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Pokimane and Rae end the clip by making fun of the man's question about his fashion.

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Valkyrae does not like being called short

The correct term the man was trying to use was "shawty," but when he said it, it sounded a lot like "shorty," which insulted Rae.

Rae has had to deal with questions about her height since she started streaming. It is a question that comes up whenever she is next to anything or anyone of average height.

In the clip above, she claims in hilarious fashion that she is almost 5'4".

In a response tweet by her friend, she was told that this was impossible. The friend Rae is pictured with is the height that Rae claims to be, and they are clearly not the same height.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 20:56 IST
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