"I accept full responsibility": Valkyrae's hilarious advice to DisguisedToast goes wrong

Valkyrae's hilarious advice to DisguisedToast goes wrong (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valkyrae's hilarious advice to DisguisedToast goes wrong (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter gave some interesting advice to fellow streamer Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang, which did not turn out well for the latter unfortunately.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, DisguisedToast was playing the popular horror game At Dead of Night while fellow streamers Valkyrae and Miyoung "kkatamina" Kim watched on. It was then that DisguisedToast received some advice on the game from Valkyrae. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a less than ideal option for DisguisedToast.

Valkyrae's advice to DisguisedToast gets him killed in At Dead of Night

While Valkyrae, DisguisedToast, and kkatamina were streaming together on Twitch recently, DisguisedToast decided to play the horror game At Dead of Night live on the stream. At Dead of Night is a critically-acclaimed RPG game in which the player plays as Maya, a lost student trapped with her friends inside a haunted hotel.

DisguisedToast, who recently returned to Twitch after a two-year stint with Facebook Gaming, has been streaming a variety of content on the platform. He has been catching up with his fellow streamers and friends while exploring new games and this happened to be one of those streams.

DisguisedToast was well into the game when the hilarious incident happened. Valkyrae, who was on a discord call with DisguisedToast and watching him play the game, decided to give out some interesting advice. She urged Toast not to be scared and to continue exploring in the game, which he promptly listened to. Valkyrae put on an entertaining accent and told DisguisedToast:

"Don't be scared, grab your testes, pull em out of your bumhole and go to the elevator. Full charge!!

Valkyrae put on an accent to make it sound funnier and it definitely seemed to work as DisguistedToast's viewers were in hysterics. They couldn't believe what they were hearing from Valkyrae as a lot of hilarious Twitch emotes were spammed in the chat.

A nervous DisguisedToast followed Valkyrae's instructions diligently, but Valkyrae did not stop there as she continued to direct and urge him forward. It only took a few seconds after Rae's advice when DisguisedToast ran into trouble and swiftly died in the game. DisguisedToast screamed with fear as he got startled by the jumpscare, while the other two streamers burst out laughing.

Valkyrae was quick to accept responsibility for her ill-advised instructions. She told DisguisedToast:

"I accept full responsibility."

A clip of the entertaining scene soon hit the LivestreamFails subreddit. Fans who missed the incident live got to enjoy it later on.

With DisguisedToast back on Twitch, fans can certainly expect to see more such entertaining clips and streams in the future.

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