“You wanted that”: LilyPichu reacts after punching DisguisedToast in the OTV house 

LilyPichu reacts after punching Disguised Toast in the OTV house
LilyPichu reacts after punching Disguised Toast in the OTV house
Vijith Nair

Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang got punched by Lily "LilyPichu" Ki while on stream, and LilyPichu's reaction to it was priceless.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, DisguisedToast was "Just Chatting" and hanging out with his friends. This was when they did a segment where LilyPichu was asked to punch DisguisedToast. LilyPichu's reaction after doing what was asked of her was to feel sorry and run away as others laughed it off.

LilyPichu punches DisguisedToast in the face and runs out of the room

DisguisedToast had fellow OfflineTV members LilyPichu and Michael Reeves along with their friend Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kim spending time with him at the OTV house. He was streaming live on Twitch at the time and decided to do a small activity with them for fans to enjoy.

DisguisedToast and LilyPichu went head-to-head against each other in the Human Benchmark tests, a website with a bunch of brain games and cognitive tests to measure our abilities. The final test the two streamers decided on was the typing test. DisguisedToast who knew that LilyPichu was far superior to him in her typing abilities, tried to cheat the test twice. Even after cheating, he could only manage a score of 88 words-per-minute. LilyPichu on the other hand, managed to clock 105 words-per-minute in her first attempt.

This resulted in DisguisedToast being the overall loser and the punishment was to get punched in the face by the other player. LilyPichu came downstairs to Toast's room to do the honors and claim her prize. Michael acted as her coach, while she trained to take on the task of hitting DisguisedToast in the face. Kkatamina was in the room and watched on as a spectator.

The first few attempts were a flop as LilyPichu could not bring herself to hit her friend DisguisedToast in the face hard enough. Others in the room looked on in amusement as they watched her struggle. DisguisedToast egged her on to hit him harder. The next few seconds after this were hilarious as LilyPichu gathered her strength and punched Toast like he wanted her to. However, she may have ended up punching him a little harder than she intended.

LilyPichu felt bad for Toast and immediately turned around to take her gloves off. She tried to make a case for herself by letting him know that he asked for a harder punch. She exclaimed:

"I punch myself the same way I punched... You wanted that!

Michael, who was seen standing at the back of the room, jumped in to make fun of LilyPichu taking good advantage of the opportunity. He mocked her as he said:

"I can't believe you actually did that. I'm so ashamed of you.

LilyPichu did not stay in the room long as she ran out at the first chance she got. A clip of the hilarious incident hit the LivesstreamFails subreddit where fans who missed the action live got to enjoy it.

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