Valkyrae shuts down the possibility of dating Logan Paul

Valkyrae has shut down the possibility of dating Logan Paul (Image via Valkyrae)
Valkyrae has shut down the possibility of dating Logan Paul (Image via Valkyrae)

Valkyrae made it very clear that she wouldn't be dating Logan Paul after responding to a clip on Twitter.

The clip in question was posted by Jake Lucky from Esports Talk. It was a quick conversation between Mike Majlak and Matt "Nadeshot" Haag.

In the clip, Mike brought up the fact that Logan Paul and his girlfriend had recently broken up, which means Logan is now single. Mike said to Nadeshot:

"So Logan is like recently single, and he keeps asking me about Valkyrae, and if she's single too."

At the end of the clip, Nadeshot said:

"From everything I remember and understand, Valkyrae is single."

Nadeshot is the co-owner of 100 Thieves, which is the organization that Valkyrae is signed to.

Valkyrae makes her stance with Logan Paul clear

After posting the clip, Jake Lucky said:

"For the love of all the gods and mothers almighty, we must keep Valkyrae safe from the Paul brothers."

The tweet itself has gained traction, and it caught the attention of Valkyrae herself.

In response to the thread, Valkyrae posted a simple:

"LoLLLLL oh... no."

Of course, fans took that as a sly comment that could mean she is really into Logan Paul. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Shortly after, she continued a thread on the reply and posted a statement that was very clear.

After the chain of tweets, even Logan Paul and Mike Majlak responded in the thread. Logan Paul simply posted a gif of a kid holding up the peace sign and vanishing. Mike replied to that gif with:

"I suck at celebrity matchmaker."

Nobody knows how real Mike Majlak was being during the original clip or if Logan Paul was ever actually serious. The only thing we know is that Valkyrae wants no part of them.

Jake Lucky brought up an interesting point after tweeting the clip as he talked about the rise in Valkyrae's popularity. In a very short period of time in 2020, Valkyrae signed with 100 Thieves, became a partner on YouTube and is one of the biggest female streamers on the planet.

What brings her popularity into perspective is the fact that she has now found herself in a story with one of the Paul Brothers without even really trying.

It's no secret that Logan is also a huge figure on YouTube, and he is even set to fight Floyd Mayweather in early 2021.

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