Valkyrae wanted to take Sykkuno to a strip club during their Vegas meet up

Valkyrae visited Sykkuno and friends in Vegas recently (Image via Sykkuno on YT)
Valkyrae visited Sykkuno and friends in Vegas recently (Image via Sykkuno on YT)

Ryan "nigahiga" Higa revealed via a recent stream that he, along with Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, wanted to take Thomas "Sykkuno" to a strip club.

Valkyrae recently moved out of Imane "Pokimane" Anys' house, adding fuel to the theory that she might be shifting to Las Vegas to be closer to her friends, including Sykkuno.

The American streamer decided to take an impromptu trip to the city to spend time with her friends. Sykkuno is a pretty shy character, and from the looks of it, both nigahiga and Valkyrae attempted to change that while they met up.

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While streaming, Ryan revealed that going to a strip club in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would be nothing short of a health hazard:

"I don't think it's open yet. They must have strip clubs; I can't imagine how you would do that safely. Do they check that you were vaccinated first before you enter? Do they vaccinate the strippers? That's the worst possible thing you can do during a pandemic, go to a strip club, unless they're in like a glass box. But then how are we going to buy Sykkuno a lap dance?"

Valkyrae and Sykkuno have been streaming Among Us for a long time now. Clearly, they have become really good friends and leave no opportunity to take light jabs at each other.

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Is Valkyrae moving to Las Vegas?

The entire community has been waiting for an update from the Content Creator of the Year.

Ryan believes that each time Valkyrae moves out of her house, the community gets closer to an update from her announcing that she is moving to Vegas to be closer to her friends.

The American comedian also believes he has made a compelling case for the 100 Thieves co-owner to shift.

Valkyrae, on the flip side, hasn't said anything substantial on the subject, insinuating that it will be a while before fans get an update on the same.

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