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Valorant: New Icebox boosting strategy might just be breaking the game

Image via Nikkyy/Reddit
Image via Nikkyy/Reddit
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 10:33 IST

Players are coming up with new boosting strategies to make it even harder to play on the Icebox map in Valorant, resulting in major backlash from the community.

Valorant's newest map, Icebox, was released just a few weeks ago, and it has received mixed reviews from the community. While some players love the open spaces and diversity that the arena brings to the table, others hate the multiple angles that it provides to players. There were also lots of complaints and glitches regarding this map that are fixed by the developers.

And now, adding to the publisher's troubles, some players have found new boosting strategies to abuse uncanny map angles on Icebox.

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Valorant sees more angle-boosting problems with Icebox

Angle boosting refers to different mobile agents like Raze, Sage, and Jett using their in-game abilities to gain untraditional angles on maps and catching enemies off-guard.

This aspect is relatively common in Valorant, and different professional players have adapted to it and have knowledge about the uncanny angles present on the older maps like Bind and Split.


However, in the case of Icebox, this aspect becomes a bit more complicated. The snow-based map is infamous for the large spaces and uncountable angles present. Angle boosting becomes a serious issue as it almost becomes impossible to check all the angles before entering a bomb site.

Attacking players can also take advantage of high points on the map and get into uncanny positions to catch the enemy unawares. Recently, a Redditor named Nikkyy posted a clip to showcase a very awkward angle that can only be reached using Sage's Wall, Raze's Satchel, or Jett's Updraft.

While the angle is unpredictable, it begs the question of similar positions like this being present on the map and if the developers should address them. Certain arenas and angles are intended to be uncanny, and those aren't the problem. However, angles like those showcased by Nikkyy will indeed tilt many players into dodging the map in unrated queues in Valorant.

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Riot might remove these uncanny angles and hotfix them in the coming patches, or just let it play out as players should be aware of them and learn these positions. Whatever the changes, gamers aren't liking the newest map and are urging the developers to entirely remove it, as it 'doesn't suit Valorant's overall playstyle.'

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Published 06 Nov 2020, 10:33 IST
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