Valorant: Sean Gares suggests that T1 benching Skadoodle can be because of 100T's Nitr0

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To those unaware, let us get you up to speed with the whole Skadoodle and T1, Valorant drama.

Over the last week, Skadoodle had decided to take a break from competitive Valorant and was not part of the T1 roster during the Valorant Pop Flash Invitational.

There wasn't much insight into the details as to why Skadoodle was sidelined. However, initial speculations suggested that it was because of how poorly T1 was performing in the Valorant Ignition Series Tournaments.

But what baffled fans was the part that Skadoodle was by no means the weaker link in the roster.

Skadoodle was not as aggressive as most Operators in the game, notably Wardell from TSM and Mixwell from G2, and neither could he play Jett at a competitive level, who is the premiere Agent for Op mains.

And during his CS: GO days, Skadoodle was also criticized for the same; of not being as aggressive as other snipers, and it's because of this that he couldn't give his team an edge by getting some early picks.

But that being said, Skadoodle's foundation as an Oper is solid, and if not great, he was still decent in Valorant. It was food and crashies, whom we feel to be the bad bone of the squad, and it was quite evident when they got styled on by team homeless (now Dignitas) during the Pax Valorant Invitational.

So it seemed quite odd to fans when Skadoodle was the one who wished to temporarily drop out of the team.

Sean Gares gives his take on the T1-Skadoodle Valorant drama


The once CS: GO professional turned analyst, Sean "sgares" Gares, gave his own take on the matter and why he feels that there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

Before we go any deeper on this, let up first give you a backdrop as to what at all made Sean Gares comment about the whole thing on his stream, to begin with.

In a recent stream by T1 Valorant player Victor "food" Wong, we see a heated conversation between the two. food was literally trash-talking and BMing Skadoodle, and he then later went onto Twitter to clarify, "The whole conversation is out of context, and Ska has been made aware of what happened."

This is where Sean comes in, and he gives his take on why things are the way they are between T1 and Skadoodle.

Sean gares says that "My theory about what happened with Tyler, Skadoodle; I haven't confirmed this with him, so like I suggest the rumor, it seems like the team was going to pick up "nitr0", and "nitro" said something about ska's comms, and then based on what "food" said in that tweet, the deal with nitr0 fell through, and nitr0 went to 100 thieves."

Sean continues by saying that, "When nitro went to 100 thieves; obviously they're like "Oh yes!" he won't come back. I'll come back. And he's probably like "Nah bruh, I'm good," and I understand bro like that they (T1) like kind of maybe went behind his (Skadoodle) back to try to get nitr0, that's what it seems like was gonna happen."

Sean Gares suggests that T1 wanted to get nitr0, but after benching Skadoodle, and offering nitr0 his spot, nitr0 did not want to leave 100 Thieves. T1 is currently in a spot where they neither get nitr0 and might even lose Skadoodle in the process.

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