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Valorant: The Ranked Competitive Mode will not be available during official release

Pic Courtesy: Riot Games
Pic Courtesy: Riot Games
Modified 25 May 2020

Valorant’s closed beta has enjoyed an unprecedented amount of success upon release. In just the first few weeks, the game got so popular that Valorant started breaking Twitch streaming records left, right and centre. 

However, Valorant's popularity truly spiked when ranked games or the Competitive Mode was finally released and players got a chance to grind their way up the ladder. The Competitive Mode gave way to some of the best highlights reels in the game, and getting clutch plays became all the more satisfying.  

So, Riot planning to not make the Competitive Mode available during the launch of Valorant comes as a shock to many. 

Valorant to be officially launched on 2nd June 2020

In their latest blog post, Riot Games finally announced that the Valorant closed beta will be finally coming to an end on the 28th of May, and the game to be officially launched on the 2nd of June.

Though the fans were quite excited about the official date of the launch, many grew anxious over the fact that Riot will not be transferring the ranked game progress of the beta key holders to the official game. 

Now, the apprehensions have grown even deeper because in a Reddit Post recently, Riot has additionally announced that they will not be launching Competitive Mode with the official game as well.

So this thwarts the plans of many of the players who wanted to regain their lost ranked MMR as soon as possible. However, Riot did assure them that they will be allowing ranked play in Valorant after a couple of weeks. Moreover, they said that they would also be fixing many of the in-game issues and bugs like FPS drops and Hitbox Errors.

 A new Agent and a map are on the cards as well, along with a new game mode which is sure to make a lot of Valorant fans very happy.

Published 25 May 2020, 14:17 IST
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